Unlocking the Value Hidden Deep Inside a Nonsense Word

Unlock Hidden Value

Mindless 1.0 • /ˈmʌɪndləs/ essentially means…

Acting or done without justification and with no concern for the consequences. This is the result of unhealthy thinking.

My Unhealthy Thinkometer

Mindless 2.0 • / Mindlessing / Living Mindlessly / ‘Lessing’ in a new light essentially means…

Long term lessening of heavier mental pressures that overwhelm (creating the reputation of a ‘mind’, a ‘God-forsaken mind!’). Thus, ‘less’ mind is definitely a good thing in this context. The odd insight eventually went on to strengthen my mental processing allowing my thoughts to run at an optimal rate.

My Healthy Thinkometer

It should also be noted that I won’t be as interested in uncovering Mindless 2.0 unless the traditional methods found in today’s mindful activity, which deals with immediate remedying (‘full’ of conscious stabilisation), fail. In other words, if mindfulling doesn’t help my life in the long run and not just for a brief moment, only then will I be open to suggestions on anything else that might. Therefore, each long term lessing and short term remedying options are two very distinct movements which we will unravel together on this site.

A Mindware Update Is Now Available 💾

Mindless-Ware is an internal optimisation package ready for trial in a beta version. The stable release will be available in early 2021🍾. Go ahead and be one of the first to install something different into your psyche.

Latest Blend / Update: 25th November  <We are decoding the human complex>  | Developed in Australia (with a huge helping hand from Jeremy Owens in Atlanta, Georgia 🙌).

Please report any bugs: If you run into any bugs, it is because these thoughts are still developing. Stay tuned…

Lessing Nutshell

Living in a healthier state of pressure that is less than a typical noisy/wanty mind state of pressure.

Now that you are prepared, let’s get started & connect!

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