1up & 1down Ego Loop

/1ʌp 1daʊn ‘ɛːɡəʊ luːp/: The process of deriving an opposite energy charge from the emotions of others. Establishing a sense of superiority or inferiority in direct contrast to negative or positive emotions respectively.

The 1up is all about nature’s distinction of standing out from the crowd. It also creates a sense of belonging in animals and humans who then dominate the habitat in either a subtle or obvious way. When I find, capture, or unfold something that I feel gives me a particular advantage, or the edge, I draw strength from it and become alive as I make it known to you.

But there is another side to the cycle. Eventually the 1ups I project into the world are reflected back to me by someone else, cancelling mine out like they had never existed to begin with. Littleness, shame, envy, jealousy, anger, and resentment, to name a few, are the effects I feel of an ugly 1down reprimand, or the gravitational reality check pulling me back down to the low ground as I compare myself to someone else who projects something stronger.

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