1up Escalation

Let’s use a role-playing scenario to demonstrate the escalation of a 1up. Needless to say, this is just a role-playing exercise, so don’t imagine that I see you as my prey in any way, shape, or form. But, for a moment, let’s pretend that I’m speaking to an opponent, and that we are engaged in the Ego Loop contest.

Here’s how it would play out before I broke my old habits:

In response to your 1up, I will pretend I don’t care after getting smacked down, even to the point of losing cognition and coherence. But the reality is, in absolute humiliation and from a terrible place of weakness, I’ll run off with my tail in between my legs. I’ll retreat and lay dormant in a cave for what feels like forever.

But then (after a mystical dose of something inside this world of hurt), I will super-reinforce myself, come back, and serve out a Super 1up in the next round. Even if it takes ten years or more to build it up, please know, I’ll always find my way to get to you again. And when I do, I’ll have something unbreakable for you. A much bigger and stronger 1 waiting to be served on a platter.

I heard that prayer is powerful. So as a daily ritual for years, I’ve been begging the Universe to allow me this one opportunity for Vengeance and Territory, to gain back my 1.

You see, while I was in my corner all curled up in a ball (the place I truly learnt my best tricks), I bumped into this missing piece of the food chain you must have overlooked earlier. And I’m sure this is something you’ll find hard to swallow when I send it your way.

In my hunt for something stronger that definitely won’t break as easily, I’ll also pick the perfect moment to return fire with an unstoppable kiss of 1up death just for you. As a bonus, I’ll happily blow this kiss once the wind is very much behind me, so you can see that nature is clearly on my side right before your 1down demise. I will reclaim my invisible and short-lived trophy (while under the impression that it’s unbreakable) since that is what a zero does!

Yet in the off-chance that I decide to throw you a line, a reprieve in a best-case scenario, you shouldn’t mistake any kindness for weakness. What was dealt my way, I’ll still hand back on a silver platter, but maybe only enough of it so it doesn’t come back to bite me again in future.

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve just entered into toxic one-upmanship territory. It’s every man for himself!