Time – Extended Definition

Understanding Psychological Time & Space as an inward-only measure exposes a unique quality in life, and I urge everyone to observe how this phenomenon works. For now, we’ll focus on Time.

When I speak of Time in a broad and technical sense, it means I’m either thinking behind or in front of the present reality for however long or short the interval is. For instance, it could be seconds, hours, days, years, ‘ago’ or ‘ahead’ of the now. It’s any information along the timeline that is at the surface of my mind. In contrast, when the present reality is fully active, neither time nor thought (which are the same) is dominant.

Forget the outer clock on the wall for a moment and look at the two ways along the inner timeline: Yesterday ↔ Tomorrow.

First, I recall a memory projection from my original record. This is yesterday. Second, I imagine a future projection by refining aspects of the past. This is tomorrow.

All up, both ways get projected when I’m thinking. I see a Memory Projection (Yesterday) or Future Projection (Tomorrow) in my mind. Whether these thoughts have any chance of externalising or not, I still call the potential, change, or refinement of thought ‘Tomorrow’ as it represents an unborn event in reality.

Let’s look at Generally-Implied Time vs Technically-Implied Time.

Psychological Time Perceptions

Generally-Implied Time

My general sense of Time was redefined after a lifetime of being impacted by negative emotions. As my experiences left an unwelcome imprint or heavier footprint, Time was frowned upon. Even though personal experiences and the emotions they produce are a two-way street, I still see Time as being a pain in the butt more so than a blessing. Always looking to END a negative experience left a bad taste. If you see Time otherwise, as a treat, you’ve had more balance in your life than me. Although, my perception of Time is shifting again to a more positive side (or at least to a less negative side).

Technically-Implied Time

The technical or broader sense of Time is easy to explain. It points to any thoughts at the surface of one’s mind, negatively-charged or positively-charged.

Time in a Nutshell

Any haunts of yesterday and worries of tomorrow are condensed thoughts that increase pressure. And whenever heavier processes are running, I move further away from the present moment. Active reality becomes lost in this annoying invisible weight called Time.

As mentioned, Time can also produce lighter sensations in Positive Time (the floaty/spatial appealing energy), which has the same potential as its negative counterpart, taking my attention OFF the present reality. I hardly think of Time while under the influence of Positive Time as there is no need to end the experience. My mind is primed in pleasantries found in yesterday and tomorrow. This is the problem with Positive Time and not correctly defining and understanding the ‘present reality’ setting. They are easy to get mixed up.

I gained a false sense of being present when not understanding Time in the mind.

After many years of living the up-and-down lifestyle between yesterday and tomorrow, I finally learned a stronger way of operating within the world of Time, which helped me find balance. I now conserve Time in my mind.

A Tomorrow Truth

‘In front’ or ‘tomorrow’ is an illusion. It is always my memories modified into a projection. ‘In-front’ is actually ‘behind’ after being photoshopped many times.

Not convinced?

Think of an event about to occur and ask yourself to locate the source of the objects contained in the images projected.

E.g., the sunset – moonlight – beach – restaurant – ornaments – clothes – colours – etc.

Because when I do, all these components, colours and shapes originate from Yesterday and I used a wand or tool to mix them up. They sometimes might appear unique, but as I zoom-in close, their true origins become clear. Essentially, any vision we have of Tomorrow is usually little more than a highly refined memory of Yesterday.

Still need more insight? There is a detailed section dedicated to Time at the very end of this site. It’s placed there because it does require a lot of priming.