/tʌɪm/: Time on this network is interpreted as the nature of my thoughts, since they carry both records and refinements of Yesterday and Tomorrow respectively inside my projections along a timeline. Yesterday = records of events. Tomorrow = refining those records onto a new canvas to predict and create future developments.

The technical or broader sense of Time points to any thoughts at the surface of one’s mind, negatively or positively charged. Time (which in my mind usually implies a negative charge) carries weight, making me rigid. The haunts of yesterday and my worry of tomorrow are condensed thoughts that increase pressure. They prevent me from living in the present or active reality.

However, Time can also produce lighter sensations in Positive Time (the floaty/spatial appealing energy), which has the same effect as its negative counterpart, taking my attention OFF the present. When I speak of Time in this way, it means I’m either thinking behind or in front of the present reality for however long or short the interval is. This is the problem with Time and not correctly defining and understanding the ‘present reality’ setting.

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