Communication is key! Let’s uncover our Inner-Network and make contact for the first time.

Hi, I’m Lee. I’m a bundle of thoughts in a bag of bones and this is my network — a bunch of 1’s & 0’s. 


This entire website is based on a very simple, yet profound concept of ‘less’. But to understand less, one must be driven by a major force such as a more-ish mind. Or at the very least, see the mechanical nature of a more-ish mind in action.


Prior to development, things went from an odd existence to a to trippy one before arriving at sanity (somehow). I call it my ‘compost’ that got the mindless tree growing. Read-into-me…

Intro Setup Files – 4 Parts | 12 Discs 💾

Now that you are primed, let’s dig further and unravel both a deeper system and meaning into the world of ‘Mindless’ by installing the Introduction Files.

  1. A New Meaning
  2. Starting Installation
  3. Mindless Simplified & Seeing the Positive for What It Is
  4. My Identification Complex
  5. Breakdown & Summary
  6. Moving Another Way
  7. A Stronger System
  8. A Lightweight Install
  9. My Panel of Commentators
  10. A Help or Hinder?
  11. Moving Away From the Panel
  12. Is Being Better an Addition or Subtraction?

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