Here Goes…

Completely frustrated and unsatisfied because I let my split go on for far too long, having gone to another level of hidden desperation when things became too much to handle (I couldn’t tell anyone but you could see something was up), I began building a mental bridge back to my sanity with this new assignment from an invisible helper. Or you might say, at the end of my ‘silly old-ways’ days in a previous rogue mission, I hit rock bottom, stirred an existential pot, and something deep inside devised a new plan for me to return to my normal community using whatever Mind Scraps I could recycle into something lighter and stronger instead.

A PRIORITY ONE signal kept emanating from the back of my head and it wouldn’t turn off. Something urged me to map out a long term exit from both the hole I was in and my loud freaky mind.

Exit the bunny hole
I’m back..!

What the Heck Are Recycled Mind Scraps?

Oh yeah, I like to make words and phrases up as I go along… you’ll find them scattered throughout this network (hence the List section). Although Recycled Mind Scraps is particularly long, it’s catchy. And it basically means that something good comes from the decomposition of my old heavier thoughts.

Old and Heavy transforms into New and Light

Recycled Mind Scraps Definition

Recycled Mind Scraps are my scattered thoughts that were somehow reborn into crisper ones, or they are my wild thoughts that somehow managed to get tamed via a newly felt invisible Level 2 helper. The results of which got pasted (painstakingly) onto an e-book, turning garbled nonsense into a Recycled Mindless Scrapbook (which is now known as MindWare and Mindless-Ware).

In other words, all this information is my personal guide/program/hack showing you the ins and outs of my somewhat unconventional thinking. And in return for these efforts, I don’t have to filter or adjust my words as much, either written or spoken.

Now that my signal is strong between us, I’ve automatically solved many of my problems!

I figured I’m too tired of living a life of distance and uncertainty from those barely a foot away, so something drastic needs to be done. On top, I didn’t want to continue talking to myself only, entertaining and conjuring in the revolving monologue, as I had seriously had enough of all that as well.

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