Hi, my name’s Lee Kapa and I’ve recently turned this site on after nearly four years of developing, along with quite a few more in research prior. In response to a bizarre life challenge that threw me lightyears out of whack, I had no choice but to jump over the ‘fence of conventions’ in a last-ditch effort to get my sanity back. I travelled into unchartered Deep Deep Psychological Territory and learned a new way of living life.

Stuck in a bad situation, I got my act together over a long term campaign of mostly unusual activity that I had to keep quiet. Otherwise, I would still be a pill-popping freak today!

The gods said… Lee, if you want to tidy up your smaller picture, you must shed light on the bigger picture. There is absolutely no other way!

So, off I went to strengthen my relationships with as many people as possible while inspecting a crucial aspect known as the human complex.

I followed an instinct to connect the dots in my complicated mindly network, and this entire database is the result of many mental breakdowns and backward activities!


Enter a Mindless Land