Lessing: In a Nutshell

“The drumming of a mind keeps me confined”

Explained… This is my conditioned more-ish mind on duty. In short, it’s both a cluttered and fragmented machine that is used to escaping reality for whatever reasons and entering the next stage of a cycle where it isn’t happy or satisfied because it doesn’t get its own way. 🥁 Condensed/Pressurised thinking – aka the overthinker.

Weighted mind

“But as I observe waves, it slowly behaves”

Explained… This is after deeply seeing my circular programs — escapes and demands in action and rotation: Thus, naturally steadying the pace & allowing space between each ‘blah’ as we go from drumming to humming.

Super mind
Blah blah, blah. Blah.

And please, before you write this off as entirely Mindful material, let’s touch on the one versus the other.

Traditional Mindfulling is my effort to bring an immediate change of state in my mind through a  program or demand  of redirecting my attention, however subtle or intense these inner commands are.

In other words… more positivity or a manufactured space is used to compensate over the negative, and this causes a shift in my state while any problems go dormant for a short while.

It’s my beloved release valve!

Whereas ‘Mindlessing’ or being ‘Mindless’ (once I realise what a mind is 😖 otherwise all this will make little sense) is to observe deeper and see these programs INTERCHANGE from a positive to negative, then back. In turn, this allows a natural shaping to take place gradually. Thus I won’t be so up and down over a LONG TERM investment.

‘Lessing’ in the new Level 2 context stems from another world and isn’t a conscious demand. It occurs naturally from observing at a wider, deeper angle.

To understand Psychological Less, one must explore the nature of Psychological More and vice versa.

What Is the Potential Negative Consequence of Mindfulling?


When things get busy busy busy upstairs regardless of good or bad, this can act as a hypnotic weight for a Highly Sensitive Mind (off with the fairies!).  Which means there is a greater chance of complacency in the outer world and problems obviously to follow.

Hypnotised star

Highly Sensitive People aren’t recognised in society or are given little value. Instead, we go by many labels ranging from ADHD thru to Bi-polar and Schizophrenia. It’s a tough maze to find the exit but it can be done.

✋Now, listen up… If you are a HSP and I tell you to never give up trying, you will keep going around in circles trying… So please, give up! Give up all trying immediately!

In regards to our Traditional Mindful Programs, they often suit the General Mindset and are not for everyone as hoped.

For others, we run better on an emptier mind…
Never Mind! No mind! Less mind. Etc.

Get the drift?

Now say goodbye to the traditional-only sense and Welcome Aboard The Mindless Life!

Empty Mind
Mindless perfection… 👌

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