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Keeping crystal clear reception in, on and around my head is the key for a sharp signal delivering quality content. So for things to continue running smoothly on The Mindless Life, support is needed. My body doesn’t ask for much, but continually uncovering Deep Deep Psychology, and in essence, ‘less’, takes considerable time and energy.

To know ‘less’, one must absolutely know ‘more’. What is the nature of ‘more’?

The Main Boring Details About Me Are

I quietly eat the vegan way, now in my 5th year. Also, I don’t drink booze, take drugs, and I’ve seriously cut back on crap foods. Lastly, I’m not fussed about any expensive toys, packaging or labels. Yet I don’t push these minimalistic views onto others either. And that’s about it.

Instead, these savings or lighter steps all go towards a clear path in life, along with unconventional mindless related things. I know it sounds average and I have been called the Pinnacle of Discipline, but I’m fine with it.

Our Special Network

I want to keep this space growing and flowing, so are you keen to become part of a mindless community? Are you ready to go backwards in Level 2? If so, send in your ideas.

Also, in case of any heavier clouds forming on the outskirts that might come in and cause static ⛈️ or perhaps a piercing/blinding light that shoots down from the heavens above, with everyone’s help I’ll deflect, reflect or blow them away. I’ll keep playing the tune and open/strengthen new channels and pathways for us all to share.

Admittedly, some minds may find this content difficult to read or may be unable to connect into the network. However, all good things start small. From your patching up, you’ll enable yourself as an intermediary who will naturally give off a Rippling Mindless Effect.

Mind Networking
A Very Special Neural Network Via the Psychic Connectivity Protocol Link.

If you’ve liked what you’ve read so far and want to see further Mindlessing, then please, start funding. And remember, get in contact if you feel we can move backwards together in a Level 2 decipher. Whatever support is given will be more than appreciated.

Perhaps as small as a link? Or tell a friend, colleague?

Make a one-time contribution or sponsor monthly.

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