Different Time-Types

Internal Time

My Dear Shadow Friend… It’s time we get into you and break you down. I’m now reporting on you, Time!

By the time you finish reading this section, you may see Time from a whole new perspective. We’ll start with a few easy mind-stretching exercises that will slowly introduce you to Psychological Time, also known as Internal Time. Not that Time exists physically, mind you. In fact, the closest we can get to Physical Time is to divide Earth’s rotation on its axis around the sun into intervals, calling each equal step and spin into a position seconds, minutes, days, and so on. Or, we can divide the moon’s orbit around Earth to get the months. Otherwise, Time is a purely abstract concept, with no real physical form to speak of.

Perhaps the best way to explain this is to say that Time doesn’t only exist the way we have been led to believe. In fact, the true nature of Time is complex, with many different faces and forms. In the pages that follow I unveil the secret identity of Time, exploring its multitude of mysteries. So, let’s start from the top and work our way through the various Time systems that affect our reality.

📂 Time Types
  • Psychological Time
    • Discover the internal Time-Type known as Psychological Time, which governs our inner reality motions separate from external, or physical reality.
  • Free-flowing & Distressed Senses of Time
    • The two faces of Time—learn how Psychological Time can be either free-flowing or distressed, depending on the positive or negative charge of our mindset.
  • Calendar Time 101
    • Conventional vs abstract—review the nature of physical, or Calendar Time, and see how it stacks up against its Psychological Time counterpart.
  • Overthinking: Consumed in Time
    • Mind over minutes—discover the impact of thoughts on Psychological Time, and learn how overthinking can inflate our internal sense of time exponentially.
  • Time Compression Field
    • Escaping ‘hard time’—explore how anxiety and frustration compress Psychological Time, and learn how to free yourself from the confines of the Time Compression Field.
  • Tomorrow: Always Formulating
    • Creating the world of tomorrow—see how elements of the past and present shape our projections of Tomorrow, and the fear or desire those projections inspire.
  • Yesterday: Constant Reminding
    • Revisionist history—uncover the true nature of Yesterday, and see how seemingly factual records may instead be carefully crafted refinements rooted in fantasy.
  • Calendar Time: Our Collective Measure
    • Time flies—observe the importance of Calendar Time for keeping people and events in sync, and see how it can be warped by the nature of a person’s mood.
  • Escaping Time
    • When ignorance isn’t bliss—see how escaping the weight of Distressed Time always comes at a cost, eclipsing any short-term benefits with long-term problems and regret.
  • Godlike Timeless vs Mortal Time
    • Cutting down on psychological sugar—discover how reducing my quest for psychological highs enabled me to save the energy necessary to avoid the bitter crash that always followed.
  • The Timeless Trap
    • Like describing silence—uncover the nature of the Timeless Trap, and see how any attempt to capture or define Timelessness only serves to push you deeper into Time.
  • The Timeless
    • Surrendering to win—unravel the Timeless mystery, and see how only by letting go of Time can the ultimate goal of being truly present in the Now be achieved.

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