Spontaneous Joy

Do you know what is better than eating a piece of cake? I’ll tell you… It’s not knowing that you are about to eat a piece of cake, and all of a sudden… you are given a great piece of cake that you have never had before. This is the essence of spontaneous joy.

What sets spontaneous joy apart from pleasure is that it is grounded in the moment. Rather than being rooted in the past or the future, like most pleasures, spontaneous joy takes place in the here and now. And that is what keeps it free from the burden of memory or expectation.

The following pages will enable you to open yourself to the joys of spontaneity, thereby freeing you from the pull of expectation and unhealthy pleasures once and for all. You will discover just how vital spontaneity can be when it comes to taking control of your life, especially when it comes to being fully alive in the moment.