Reason for This Site

In a way, this site is the fulfilment of a promise I made to Life itself when I had hit rock bottom. After everything I tried failed to lift me out of the hole I was in, I asked Life for a helping hand. I promised that if she got me out of my situation, I would help others facing the same struggles that were consuming me.

But rather than handing me a simple solution to my troubles, which would have been convenient at the time, Life gave me yet another challenge, this time in the form of a unique puzzle to suit my abstract gaming ability (I do love chess). Fortunately, my breakthrough came when I accepted this challenge of dissecting a complex world, putting all those pieces in strong positions, then sharing it all with you. So here is the game plan, my friends:


Don’t aim forwards anymore, Lee. Go Backwards in a new way and take this crazy black and white word with you! Throw the rule book away and flip ‘Mindless’ into something STRONG. 

Rivalries working together.

Challenge Accepted.

From this point on, integration of the two worlds of light and dark (sane and crazy) formed and strengthened. It marked the very beginning of the Level 2 Mental Coding that has completely transformed my mind.

In simple terms…

When a mind becomes too much, feed it less by understanding the nature of Less. This is life in another perspective from an odd-mind who dived deep down the rabbit hole and only made it back by using a new Backward way of thinking:

Use Your Mind ❌

Lose Your Mind

Still confused? Don’t worry… Once we get past the conventional take on ‘the mind’, which isn’t always easy as we are usually taught that a mind is something to ‘always control’, the choice to ‘lose your mind’ should magically appear better. ✨