Mindware Installer

Now that you are primed, let’s dig further and unravel both the deeper mental system and meaning within the Mindless World. This five-part section will delve into the very heart of the subject, exploring everything from the newest and most innovative definition of Mindless to the practice of keeping a clear and uncluttered mind. You will also see the hold that everyday sensationalism has on the average mind, affecting virtually every decision a person makes in daily life.

Then we’ll get into the really DEEP aspects of Mindless 2.0, including the role of influence, both external and internal. You will be introduced to the faces and voices that direct your actions, sometimes helping, sometimes hindering your happiness and wellbeing. By the end, not only will you have a better understanding of how our mental functions operate, you’ll also have the tools and insights needed to optimise your mind in a way you probably have never imagined possible. Think of it as having all the best software needed to live the updated Mindless Way. So brace yourself, and let the installation process begin.

📂 Install 5 Setup Components
  • A New Meaning »
    • More than a simple discovery, follow my journey into Mindless 2.0 and see the struggles and pitfalls I faced as I uncovered the positive nature of this truly powerful word.
  • Seeing My Same Old Pattern
    • Coming to terms with my nature, discover how my ‘eureka moment’ led to a deeper understanding of my More-ish mind, which helped me to escape it once and for all.
  • Starting Installation
    • Back to basics—begin the journey into Mindlessness by exploring the meanings of Mind, along with some of the differences between reality and unreality.
  • Mindless Fully Revealed
    • Now that the foundations have been laid, open up to the full revelation of Mindlessness, and see how it can free you from the pitfalls of the positive/negative thought-polarity.
  • Breakdown & Summary
    • Before forging ahead, take a moment to refresh your mind with a summary of the parts covered so far, including the true nature of Less and the challenges of losing a More-ish mind.
  • My Identification Complex
    • Freedom through detachment—find out how being Mindless can free you from the hypnotic trance of idea-driven identity, thus ending the need to achieve self-supremacy.
  • Untangling From the Idea
    • Clear the final hurdle by seeing past the IDEA of Mindlessness, and begin the true process of Lessing where you can free yourself from the pressures of idea-driven identity.
  • Moving Another Way »
    • Immerse yourself deeper into Mindlessness by unravelling a new meaning behind the word Mind, and realise how only by seeing the negative side can you truly embrace The Mindless Life.
  • A Stronger System
    • Optimise your life by discovering how Mindlessing can free up your energies by ending the cycle of constantly finding balance through sensory compensation.
  • A Lightweight Install
    • Glimpse the bigger picture by putting the pieces of the Mindless puzzle together with this comprehensive review, and let the installation process begin to truly take hold.
  • My Panel of Commentators »
    • More than just voices in your head, meet the panel of commentators and discover the fact that the thoughts in your mind may not actually be your own.
  • Is the Panel a Help or Hindrance?
    • Despite the best of intentions, discover how the internal influences that are supposed to be helping you can often cause more trouble than they solve.
  • Moving Away From the Panel
    • When faced with ‘too many chefs in the kitchen’, acknowledge the fact that only by moving away from the ‘fixers’ in your mind can you find the space needed to actually solve life’s problems.
  • Becoming Better »
    • Growing vs changing—understand how trying to become better only ever takes you further away from being your true self, and thus causes more problems than ever.
  • Run Mindless.Idea Installer
    • Get patched the unconventional way with See/++ Programming. Use the simplified Mindless-Ware.Idea Installer to wrap up the setup section.