Two Types of Mind

With over eight billion people walking the planet today, it would be easy to imagine countless mind types driving life as we know it. However, my experience has led me to the conclusion that there are in fact only two mind types: The Odd & the Herd, or the Highly Sensitive Mind & the General Mind.

Here I break down those two mind types, showing their similarities and differences, and how they shape our lives each and every day. That said, I won’t be shying away from the differences, as I am now benefiting from the late development of my Highly Sensitive Mind. Instead, I will treat both mind types as the equals that they are, different, but yet vital in their own unique way.

📂 HSM vs GM
  • Tone It Down
    • Look past the vastness of humanity and see how billions of human minds can be reduced into two basic categories, making the complexity of human experience far easier to understand.
  • The General Mind & Dimension
    • In order to understand the Highly Sensitive Mind, one must first learn the basic definition of the General Mind, and see how this perspective shapes reality for the vast majority of people out there today.
  • The Highly Sensitive Mind
    • Off the beaten track—dive deep into the world of the Highly Sensitive Mind, and see just how vastly different reality is in this abstract and vibrant dimension.
  • Reading Between the Lines
    • More than meets the eye—open your mind to a new perspective of reality, and discover how the plain images most people see appear as dynamic landscapes to a highly-sensitive mind.