Getting started on the right foot is critical for any endeavour, no matter how large or small it might be. This is why the first day in a new job or school is usually devoted to orientation, where a person can get their bearings before starting the journey ahead. It comes down to the simple truth that the better prepared a person is, the greater their chance of success.

At The Mindless Life, your understanding and success are a top priority. As such, I have created this tour to help prepare you for the journey into Lessing. Discover the origins of Mindless philosophy, and the role it played in turning my life around. Learn some of the terms and phrases that will be used throughout the site and start building your own Mindless vocabulary.

By the time you finish taking the tour you will know more about me, the site, and chances are, you’ll know more about yourself as well. So click the link below and let your journey begin…