Impact of Belief

Belief Filled Syringe

When it comes to religion, I have never been a believer in the traditional sense, which I always thought was a good thing. However, when it comes to other areas in life, it seems I have developed some entrenched beliefs over the years by leeching onto various outlandish future-driven rewards.

Today, I’m well aware of the fact that belief had a profound impact on my mind, and not always in a good way. So, how did I stop myself from being hypnotised and controlled by one mental thing after another? I delved into the nature of belief, including the rewards and punishments traditional belief systems provide.

The pages below trace the journey into my belief system, a journey which put me face to face with both God and the devil himself. They also reveal the role that belief systems play in cultural interactions all around the world, most of which benefit us greatly in our day-to-day lives. Perhaps the greatest revelation I have to share is that although I lacked faith in the traditional sense, I discovered that I was not without faith altogether. It was just that my beliefs were on other things instead.

📂 Belief Files
  • My Beliefs, Your Beliefs, in a Sensation-Driven Reality
    • Gain a fresh perspective on the driving force of spirituality by exploring the nature of belief and faith, and see how each is strongly rooted in an inherent desire for reward and control.
  • A Higher Power
    • Bring the supernatural down to earth by discovering the true identity of both God and the devil, and see how they are simply two sides of the psychological coin known as ‘mind’.
  • End of the Line Part 1
    • Follow my life’s freefall to rock-bottom, and see how the hole I found myself in was deeper and darker than most people would end up in.
  • End of the Line Part 2
    • Realise that there is always hope by seeing how, against all odds, I was able to get my life together and pull myself out of the hole that felt virtually inescapable.
  • The Path Into & Through My Illusions
    • Although beneficial for most, uncover the problems that dreams and sensations can cause for a mind easily addicted to stimulation, and learn how to avoid them altogether.
  • A Hidden Order
    • Take a path less travelled by exploring my view of the divine, and see how by keeping it simple I’ve managed to enjoy the benefits without the risks of dogmatic thinking.
  • The Impact of Religion on Modern Day Life
    • Redefine the omnipresent nature of the divine by exploring the impact of religion on the modern world, and see how it affects even the most non-religious person in their day-to-day life.
  • The Impact of Belief on Karma & Vice Versa
    • Restore your faith in justice by exploring the dynamics of karma, and see how every action creates consequences, even for those who believe they are able to play the system.
  • Sweet Blindness Part 1
    • Facing a cosmic financial crisis, discover how the cost of progress goes largely unnoticed or ignored, resulting in an ever-growing tab that will eventually break the bank.
  • Sweet Blindness Part 2
    • Living within our means, see how only by taking personal responsibility can we restore a healthy momentum to progress, thereby keeping the tab more affordable.
  • ‘Belief’ at the Core
    • Although usually seen as a force for good, uncover the darker nature of belief, and see just how dangerous self-serving belief systems can be to ourselves and the world as a whole.
  • Facts vs Beliefs: Memories & Refinements
    • Keep your mental feet on terra firma by discovering the trick known as The Offset, and see how it can keep you grounded in facts rather than swept away by sensationalised enhancements.
  • Balancing My Belief System
    • While contrary to popular consensus, explore how finding balance can actually stand in the way of progress, keeping you from understanding the true nature of life.