The Mindless Life

Chess Tv Signal

When you can’t get things right, go left… If you have trouble moving forward, flow the other way…
This website is about following your own grain, especially if it happens to be odd.

Hello friend, and thanks for stopping over to this side of the world. Before we get started, there are just two simple questions for you.

Question & Exclamation Mark

Do you think it is possible to make the word ‘mindless’ shine?

For most people, the word carries a bad rep.

If so, would you be open to a ‘mindless makeover’?

Great choice!

Now, come on in and make yourself at home. 🏡

Get ready to begin your journey into the world of ‘Lessing’ and potentially, defuse your overly more-ish mind (a mind demanding more of this & that) if you have one.

Shedding New Light on Old Ways

New Light on Old Ways

Grab a torch because you are about to travel beyond the conventional line of thinking by placing your attention on an odd person’s patterns and habits that were mostly ignored throughout his life until very recently. Also, along this strange journey that might take you deep within yourself, you’ll likely see the broader scope of reality that spans across at least two types of people that walk this planet.

The first type, which comprises 90% of people, are the general folk, those running on a standard mindset. While the second type, comprising the other 10%, are the highly sensitive folk, or those few possessing the ability to tap into hidden fields of information.

And by the time you reach the end of this site… you will have unravelled the nature of positive thinking and internal time & space — aka our Innerverse.

But for what purpose is all this you might ask?

These thoughts ultimately lead to the conservation of psychological energy which unlocks life. 🌱

Welcome to Something Totally Different!

Hot Air Balloon Mind

When a mind becomes too much, feed it less. This is life in another perspective from an odd-mind who dived deep down the rabbit hole and only made it back by using a new backward equation.

Use Your Mind ❌

Lose Your Mind ✅

It’s so simple…

Priority No.1

Mission Objective: Go backwards, Lee! Flip the word ‘Mindless’ into something STRONG — Starting deep in the red. 

Chess Challenge
I know what a ‘mind’ is cos I feel it! 😖

I Accept This Challenge. Lee.

Grey-Hat Mind Hacking

Greyhat Mindhacking

You’ve heard of White Hat Hacking… You’ve heard of Black Hat Hacking (each hat comes from the old spaghetti westerns). But now, special code from both the good and bad worlds (up & down, light & dark) is embedded throughout this network to help one lose one’s pressurised mind in a Level 2 decipher. Let’s call it a ‘special balance’.

Are you ready to access another dimension of thinking that is not your typical black and white? Are you ready to go grey, but in a much better way? Great… because grey is now the new green.

By seeing things deeply, I unwinded from the bombardment of information felt in today’s crazy world using a stronger way. Lee

Wait up! Before we go any further, let’s first avoid confusion…

Mindware is Software but for a human. Mindless-Ware is a type of Software or Optimisation Software for a human. Both get mentioned but they are really the same.

By consuming the content on this website, you are installing Mindware.

Unlocking the Hidden Value From a Nonsense Word

Unlock Hidden Value

Mindless / Mindlessing / Living Mindlessly / ‘Lessing’ in a new light essentially means…

Long term lessening of heavier mental pressures that overwhelm a mind, strengthening the cogs via an odd insight in Level 2 — versus traditional methods in Level 1 only. They are two very distinct levels which we will unravel together.

Overall, each variation of the word equates to…  living with less crap! 

A Mindware Update Is Now Available 💾

Mindless-Ware is an internal optimisation package ready for trial in a beta version. The stable release will be available in October 2020. Go ahead and be one of the first to install something different into your psyche ⇓.

Latest Blend / Update: 15th July  <We are decoding the human complex>  | Developed in Australia (these thoughts are still developing, so stay tuned…)

Lessing Nutshell

Living in a manageable state of pressure that is less than a typical noisy mind.

Now that you are prepared, let’s get started!

Readme, Setup & Tutorial: Connect | Mindful | List
Main Files: Structure | Influence | 2 Types of Mind | Time & Space
Contact & Support: Msg Mindless Management | Boost The Signal