The Mindless Life 2.0

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When you can’t get things right, go left… If you have trouble moving forward, simply flow the other way…
For some of us, the conventional methods used for optimising our lives often fall short. In which case, one needs to take a step back from it all and look for something else, something out of the ordinary.
Written by a person living in a complex mental design, this website is about discovering unconventional wisdom through an odd perspective and gaining a clearer signal in life.
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The Way to the Next Level of Understanding Both Reality & Unreality Is Upon Us…

The unreal mirror reflection

Once upon a time, the Universe struck an odd man with an odd challenge. Unable to connect back to his older ways because of this challenge, he had to find the light in a troubled word (Mindless) and share it with those around him.


Unlock Hidden Value

I suppose you were just casually clicking around as per usual, minding your own business, looking for something interesting or worthwhile to consume… Then somehow, you stumbled upon a strange website offering a special backward view on life, and it goes against everything you’ve known.



Hi, I’m Lee, the creator of this website and the keeper of some odd thoughts. I’m glad you are here and ready to tap into this hidden network housed within a silly name. I mean… What better place to hide a network, right?


Mindfulling Min

Look around… There is always someone telling us to be mindful. But for those who struggle with being ever-mindful, we may need to apply a Level 2 filter.

📍Psychological Recycling

Recycling Our World

Sometimes the best way to ‘refine my vision’ is to discard or let go of my thoughts. Though it often feels weird at first because I’m so attached to them.


Take notes

Ushering in a deeper way of thinking comes with fresh terminology. Plus, some of our traditional terms have been upgraded for your convenience.

📍The Structure Files

My Thinking Structure

First, we’ll look inside my thinking structure and discover existing patterns. Next, we’ll explore how my thoughts are responsible for the different states of mind I enter. Finally, we’ll unravel a deeper understanding of ‘understanding things in general’ to make everything flow better.

📍The Influence Files

Focussing energy

I’m fuelled with all this energy and I somehow need to channel it efficiently across ‘Desire’, ‘Willpower’ & ‘Focus’. Along the way, mental functions produce both fear and pleasure in products and byproducts. Q. How do I find ‘my normal’ or an ‘optimal setting’ that’s best suited for me?

📍The 2 Types of Mind Files

Odd mind out

A general minded person will usually fit into society without a problem. But a highly sensitive minded person, on the other hand, may find it challenging. Which one are you?

📍The Time & Space Files

The Innerverse

No-no! I’m not referring to the Spacetime Continuum we all know. That’s old news… Rather, this section explains Time & Space on an inner plane.

Compatibility Checklist ✅✅

Hello friend, and thanks for stopping over to this side of the world. Before we get started and enter into an unconventional realm, there are just two simple questions for you.

Question & Exclamation Mark

Do you think ‘being mindless’ can be a good thing?

More often than not, mindlessness is associated with ignorance and carelessness. However, what if I told you that there was another meaning, one that puts a positive spin on this potential-filled word? One that could completely transform your life?

If so, would you be open to a ‘Mindless makeover’?

If you are one of the few who know that being mindless can be a good thing, or you are willing to explore the possibilities at least, then this site is for you.

Get ready to begin your journey into the world of ‘Lessing’, where you will learn how to defuse an overly more-ish mind (a mind demanding more of this & more of that) if you have one (chances are… you or someone you know does!)

Mindless 2.0 Entrance

What are you waiting for?
Come on in and make yourself at home…