The Mindless Life

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When you can’t get things right, go left. Or if you have trouble moving forward, flow the other way.
This website is about following your own grain, even if it’s odd.
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Mindless-Ware is an internal optimisation package ready for trial. Install something different into your psychology ⇓.

Latest Blend / Update: 2nd April  <We are decoding the human complex>  | Developed in Australia — View Changelog.

Welcome to  Something Strange

When a mind becomes too much, feed it less. This is life in another perspective from an odd-mind who dived deep down the rabbit hole and only made it back by using a new backward equation.

Use Your Mind ❌

Lose Your Mind ✅

Let’s Define This Nonsense Word Into Something Worthy

Mindless / Mindlessing / Living Mindlessly / ‘Lessing’ (for short):

Long term lessening of heavier mental pressures that overwhelm a mind, strengthening the cogs via an odd insight in Level 2 — versus traditional methods in Level 1. I.e.  It’s a mind living with less crap! 

I’m unwinding from the influx / bombardment felt in today’s crazy world

Priority No.1

Mission Objective: It’s time to flip the word ‘Mindless’ into something STRONG — Starting deep in the red. 

Chess Challenge
I know what a ‘mind’ is cos I feel it! 😖

Challenge Accepted.

Shedding New Light on Old Ways

This website goes beyond conventions. It looks into the broader scope of reality spanning the two types of people that walk this planet, along with understanding the nature of positive thinking and internal time & space.

Why? The conservation of psychological energy unlocks life.

Grey-Hat Mind Hacking

Lastly, special code from both good and bad worlds is embedded throughout to help one lose one’s pressurised mind in a Level 2 decipher.

Are you ready to access another dimension that is not your typical black and white?

To avoid confusion: Mindware is Software but for a human. Mindless-Ware is a type of Software or Optimisation Software for a human. Both get mentioned but are really the same.

Now That You’ve Prepped, Let’s Get Started

Lessing Nutshell

Lessing: (anything less than a default mind) In a Nutshell

Readme & Setup: Connect | Vs. Mindful | List
Files: Structure | Influence | 2 Types of Mind | Time & Space