Traditional Mindful Version

This section covers the traditional aspects of Mindfulness, revealing how being constantly aware of both internal and external influences can prove highly beneficial, especially for the Highly Sensitive Mind. It also delves into the nature of the fear/pleasure polarity, and the pitfalls that come from this often ignored dynamic. Finally, we’ll look at the role of meditation on keeping mindfulness in check, and how Mindlessness can have a positive impact on being Mindful.

📂 Mindful Program
  • Explaining Mindfulness
    • Maintain a fair and balanced approach to Lessing by diving deep into the nature of Mindfulness, and see how it can actually help a person to endure life’s hardships by restoring peace and happiness.
  • Pleasure & Fear: Two Sides of the Same Coin
    • Although healthy and beneficial in moderation, recognise how too much Mindfulness can lead to becoming desensitised to the outside world, while creating overdependence on positive thinking.
  • Instant Meditation
    • Rather than offering an ultimate cure, see how even the effects of meditation prove insufficient when trying to escape the pleasure/fear polarity in the world of Mindfulness.