Fear & Pain

There is an ugly side to life that we all must face. A side that is defined by the negative forces of life, namely fear and pain. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I try to escape it, this side of life seems to always be chained to me. But after endless internal struggle, I realised that if I can’t escape the shackles of fear and pain, then why not face them in the hope of gaining strength and durability?

A while back, I decided to give myself a chance to meet these challenges contained in everyday life by understanding the Fear & Pain system as much as I could. This includes the very deeper nature of fear and pain, as well as the best ways to cope with each one as they arise. The pages below contain the lessons I learned while tackling this conundrum, as well as some tricks on how to get a handle on fear and pain, rather than letting them take control of you.

📂 Fear & Pain
  • The Negative Force
    • Related yet distinct—take your first step toward identifying the differences between fear and pain, and discover how each represents a different side of general undesirability.
  • How Do I Deal With Fear?
    • Flight over fight—learn how fear can create a heavy mindset, causing me to seek a quick fix or escape, often at the expense of any effective long-term solution.
  • How Do I Deal With General Pain?
    • An ounce of prevention—uncover my approach to managing pain, and see how prevention is the key by avoiding any activity that can prove harmful to my body and mind.