About Me

Hi, my name’s Lee Kapa and I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, right near the most eastern point. I’m the creator of this website and the keeper of some odd thoughts, so I’ve been told. Welcome to this space.

Ok, let’s start the Mindless 2.0 journey by jumping to the main parts of a younger version of me, because there is a lot to unpack.

Growing up, I was a kid with way too much energy (or energy of the wrong kind) and I spent the majority of my life not quite fitting into society. A society, mind you, ranked in the top 5 countries to live in the world. So there’s absolutely no fault there. They say that I came off the Aspergers, ADHD and Left-handed Human production line, which can be a nightmare for parents.

Admittedly, there were times when I was a bit much to handle, often putting my nose where it didn’t belong. But I couldn’t help it as I just loved exploring outside my boundaries. Also, I was told that I had a few learning difficulties, yet they were usually on topics that weren’t interesting enough to hold my attention. Such as 90% of my school classes. Other than that, I remember having a good old time growing up, while the people who had to deal with me frustratingly turned to the drink.

Jump ahead a few years…

After spending a lifetime caught up in botched ideals from a backward education (or the lack of a better education), always scanning for loopholes and opportunities, I went from one thing to the next and never really finished what I started until recently. Truth is, I had all this internal energy but couldn’t apply it properly to the outside world. Fortunately, I have now discovered the solutions in what I call Mindless 2.0 energy, and they are shared with you in all the pages that follow.

Since life hasn’t been a straight line for me, neither is this site. Instead, it twists, turns and loops back on itself, but in such a way as to make the overall message stick. Just like life. Since this site is the culmination of my life’s experiences, I figure why would it look any different? Besides, it’s best I serve only small portions to you at a time, otherwise, it can be a bit much to take in. By the end, I’d like to leave you with much more insight into the unconventional world I see, which plays a big part in my life.