How I Got Here

Before Installing the Setup Files, it’s best you read a bit more about me. After all, the sure way to comprehend any material is to understand the person behind the writing. Think of this as a ‘Readme’ section, where you can get the insights needed to establish a foundation on which the structure of Mindless living can be built.

The following will take you to a time, prior to development, when things went from odd to insane before finally arriving at the better half of sanity. It will also guide you through the rest of my journey, both the hard times and the good, all of which led me to where I am today. I call my life experiences the ‘compost’ that got my Mindless tree growing. So sit back, relax, and get ready for your journey into Mindless 2.0 Philosophy. Prepare to enter a world of different thinking.

📂 Readme.txt
  • Welcome to the Readme Section
    • For a more well-rounded understanding of Mindlessness, follow a brief synopsis of my personal journey and see how a lifetime of struggle finally led to the solutions I present in this site.
  • An Earlier Mindless Land
    • Before celebrating the benefits of Mindlessness we must first explore the darker side of my story, where demons and time warps took me away from general reality and into another dimension altogether.
  • Here Goes…
    • As well as being good for the planet, see how recycling allowed me to overcome my frustrated state of living by transforming all of my broken thoughts into something stronger and healthier.
  • Evolving the Mindless Scrapbook Into a Strong Network
    • Taking on the feel of a spiritual quest, observe the process that enabled me to redefine the word Mindless, and see how it led to a greater understanding of the Highly Sensitive Mind.
  • Even More Logic Behind This ‘Less’ Website
    • Seeking unity over division, learn how this site intends to use Lessing to unite those with a General Mind with those possessing a Highly Sensitive Mind.
  • What’s the Simple Message?
    • While it may work for those with a general mind, see how the conventional method of covering bad thoughts with more thoughts only made things worse for my Highly Sensitive Mind.
  • Varying Degrees of Pressure
    • Using the vicarious escape pod, discover how finding refuge in another person’s mind is the only escape for when life’s pressures are at their peak.
  • A Little Fine Tuning
    • Take a moment to digest the Mindless material so far by contemplating the nature of a Highly Sensitive Mind from a lighter perspective, with a little humour and candour mixed in for good measure.
  • What I Have for You
    • Before diving deep into Mindlessness, let’s finish up the readme files with a brief overview of the site, shedding light on what to expect as you begin your journey into Mindless 2.0.