Our Network

It is my destiny to keep this space flowing, growing and mind-blowing. For instance, in case of any heavier clouds forming on the outskirts of reality that might roll in and cause havoc ⛈️, or perhaps a piercing/blinding light that shoots down with unrealistic promises from the heavens above, with everyone’s help we’ll deflect them, reflect them, and blow them all away. We’ll keep playing the Mindless tune and open/strengthen new channels and pathways for us all to share to keep ourselves and our communities safe and sound.

The message of Mindlessness began to spread from two Mindless 2.0 Towers emitting signals, installed half a world apart. One of them is lodged in Queensland, Australia, while the other is in Georgia, USA, thanks to Max (who is a man of many talents). Step into his mind @ New Paradigm, which is all about transitioning from control-driven values to compassion-driven values. If you find that Mindware is helping you on this site, then feel free to add a Mindless 2.0 Tower to your part of the world, and join our fast growing Mindless Network.

Admittedly, some minds may find this content difficult to read or may be unable to connect to the network. However, all good things start small. From your patching up, you’ll enable yourself as an intermediary who will naturally give off a Rippling Mindless Effect.

A network linking people.
A Very Special Neural Network Via the Psych Connectivity Protocol.

So what do you say? Are you keen to explore another way of thinking and potentially join a community of like-mindless people? Are you ready to tap into new energy, reaping the rewards of the new Level 2.0 technique?

If so, let’s start by exploring ‘Less’.