My Divided Mind

Once upon a time, I lived what can only be referred to as a fragmented life. I used to feel and act one way, but soon flipped to another, opposite way as I stepped back and forth between the regions of problems and escapes in my mind. Strangely, when I lived as many different up and down characters, I saw myself as whole and level. It’s only now, when I have greater clarity in my life, that I feel somewhat divided and erratic.

Although this may seem like a negative, it’s actually not. The truth is that the feeling of being whole and level was only ever an illusion, and my life suffered as a result of believing it was real. Now that I have escaped the illusion, my life has improved in virtually every way imaginable.

Like a clean, fast computer, I now run my life more efficiently and effectively. Rather than living a fragmented life, being constantly controlled by too many spammy programs, I have dropped the bulk of the weight. The end result is Mindless-Ware powered by Lessing, which now comes with advanced notifications and better resource management to help you optimise your overall performance, enabling you to live a life that is more singular, balanced, and free-flowing.

📂 Divided Mind
  • Fragmentation
    • The art of avoidance—discover how fragmentation leads to a split perspective on life, enabling a person to defer hardship by escaping to happier mental spaces.
  • Fragment Profiles
    • Endlessly shifting between despair and euphoria—uncover the positive and negative spaces in a fragmented mind and see how hopping from one to the other winds up getting you nowhere in life.
  • Heavy Fragment Prison
    • Trapped in my own fears—see how the heavy fragments of a mind can create a prison of stress that inspires either defeat or the impulse to escape to lighter space.
  • Lighter Fragment Oasis
    • The mirage of freedom—discover how any escape from the heavier pressures in one’s mind is only an illusion, both short lived and with no long-term benefits at all.
  • A Completely Shattered State of Mind
    • Rather than being a meaningful solution, realise how constantly escaping pressures only creates an ignorance that ultimately causes life to fracture into a million pieces.