The Basics of My Thoughts

How far have you travelled into your thoughts when trying to understand them? Do you even know what they are made of? I decided a long time ago that I needed to know from scratch. After all, since everything I do comes from my thinking, I figure why not learn the mechanics and get a handle on things over the long term. I want everything to run smoothly and without any surprises. Wouldn’t you want the same too if you struggled with conventional methods of mindfulling?

This section, along with My Internal Universe, is undoubtedly the foundation of my existence. Below, I take a step back and look at my ‘thoughts’ thru a powerful yet straightforward lens. I reveal not only the true nature of what a thought is, but also how thoughts can be altered so completely by even the most subtle of influences. Additionally, I show how thoughts serve to maintain the timeline from past to present to future, and how we can get stuck in a particular timeframe if we allow ourselves to become fixated on our thoughts. Finally, I demonstrate the fact that when our thoughts control us, we become defined by them. However, when we start watching our thoughts play out and reduce the unnecessary emotion, then we take charge of the very course of our life.