Understanding Things

I was behind the 8 ball growing up, having a highly sensitive mind that often struggled to handle life’s challenges. It really is something that has bugged me for some time now. Surely, there must be another way of processing life’s information for the sake of growing stronger and moving forward, one that works better for a Highly Sensitive Mind.

So where does one start? By ‘Lessing’, of course. In this case, Lessing meant letting go of the ‘object’ of what I am learning and shifting my focus onto the very method of my understanding itself. Only then could I discover a more effective way of learning for this ultrasensitive and often annoying mind of mine.

In this section I explore the nature of learning, including the challenges experienced by a Highly Sensitive Mind. I also reveal the tricks I have learned along the way, tricks that have enabled me to overcome those challenges and give any intellect a run for their money. Here you will discover how Lessing can open and expand your mind, allowing you to not only fulfill your potential, but to actually increase it as well.

📂 Understanding
  • How I Learn
    • Emotional intellect—see how being addicted to the emotional rush of learning can keep a Highly Sensitive Mind fixated on the feeling rather than learning itself.
  • A Tricky Challenge
    • Overcoming my mental addictions—follow my process of discovering, then breaking the habits that prevented me from learning anything new by keeping me stuck in the past.
  • A Field of Interest Makes Way for an Easier Understanding
    • Heartless intellectualism—discover how by removing emotion from the equation, a Highly Sensitive Mind creates the space needed for an optimised learning process.
  • The Keys to Mindless 2.0 Learning
    • Successful mind management—uncover the two keys for better learning, and see how a clear mind and a more sincere approach can enable you to explore any area in life.
  • Less Is More
    • Mental minimalism—explore my newfound path of effective learning, where letting go of past information enables me to surge ahead with a clear and open mind.
  • Understanding Interesting Things for the First Time
    • Grasping the bigger picture—see how by discovering the true process behind my intellectual high, I was finally able to end the loop of my addiction to learning euphoria.
  • When Great Is NOT as Great, It’s Far Greater
    • Before moving on, take a moment to reflect on the lessons from this section, and get a clear, concise image on how stimuli impact a Highly Sensitive Mind.
  • My Understanding of the Mind
    • For a deeper understanding of this material, take a moment to redefine the idea of mind, seeing both its physical and non-physical elements and how crucial balancing those elements truly is.