No matter how many channels I have available on TV, I find I still spend most of my time on the few that have become my favourites. In a way, life is a lot like this. Although there are numerous sensations to be experienced, since a special pleasure is the favourite by far, why waste time pursuing the others?

Fortunately, I finally learned that too much of a good thing can also lead to a bad thing. Too much of your favourite channel has a far greater chance to turn it unfavourable, as I found out the hard way that it’s not an easy task to stay on the pleasure station. It seems that even the greatest pleasures become mundane when experienced in too large a dose. This, in turn, makes pleasure less effective when trying to escape fear and pain as one becomes desensitised while being needy.

The following pages explore the dangerous yet common pitfall of becoming addicted to pleasure, and how such an addiction into toxic positivity can actually cause more fear and pain than it cures. I have delved into this topic because I’m interested in a clean line of pleasure bearing little-to-no blowback. Is such a gift possible? A credit system without a debit system pulling me back to Fear & Pain? Fortunately, the answer to this is a resounding yes.

📂 Pleasure
  • My Pleasure
    • The value of expense—uncover the reason why pleasure always comes with a cost, and see how that cost keeps reality as we know it functioning and stable.
  • My Dysfunctional Relationship with Pleasure
    • Satiating my sweet tooth—see how my dysfunctional relationship with pleasure led to a never-ending pursuit of blissful ease while struggling to avoid the real world.
  • The Two Types of Pleasure I Know
    • The dynamic system behind a simple word—explore the two types of pleasure, and see how the intake of physical stimuli creates a world of phycological pleasure that drives my life.
  • My Pleasure Without Discipline Chart
    • Running around in circles—follow the course of my pleasure cycle and see how it constantly goes from fear to pleasure to boredom before looping back to start again.
  • My Stronger Psyche Chart
    • Mastering the pleasure/pain ratio—put Lessing to the test, and see how only by reducing positive intake can you reduce the negative backlash that drains you of your energies.