No matter how many channels I have available on TV, I find I still spend most of my time on the few that have become my favourites. In a way, life is a lot like this. Although there are numerous sensations to be experienced, as pleasure is the favourite by far, why waste time pursuing the others?

Strangely enough, just as too much of your favourite channel can be a bad thing, so too, I eventually found out that it’s not an easy task to stay on the pleasure station. It seems that even the greatest pleasures become mundane when experienced in too large a dose. This, in turn, makes pleasure less effective when trying to escape fear and pain.

The following pages explore the dangerous yet common pitfall of becoming addicted to pleasure, and how such an addiction can actually cause more fear and pain than it cures. I have delved into this topic because I’m interested in a clean line of pleasure bearing little-to-no blowback. Is such a gift possible? A credit system without a debit system pulling me back to fear & pain? Fortunately, the answer to this is a resounding yes.