Purpose of This Site

Odd mind out

The first phase of my game plan is to show that there are two types of mind in a human, and how each type works. To break down these mind types, I had to step outside the box in order to explore various subtle internal movements felt just below the conscious level as they had impacted my reality throughout life. Normally, most people don’t notice such subtle activity underway or they just take it for granted. So prepare to travel beyond the comfortable, conventional lines of thinking as you focus your attention on an ‘odd’ person’s patterns and habits, ones that were mostly ignored throughout his life until very recently.

Also, along this strange journey that will take you deep within yourself, not only will you uncover the broader scope of reality, but you will get a fresh take on the nature of both positive and negative thinking, along with Internal Time & Space (aka our Innerverse).

Humanity Breakdown

Although everyone possesses a unique mind, defined by a wide array of influences and experiences, the truth is that in terms of mind types people can be divided into two categories. The first, which comprises 90% of people, are the general folk, those running on a standard mindset. These people are better equipped to handle a More-ish mind due to the limitation of extrasensory information which allows attention to stay focussed on a smaller area — an important ability required for life.

The second type, comprising the other 10%, are the highly sensitive folk, those possessing an ability to tap into fields of highly subtle information outside the smaller area. When tuned in, we begin to recognise subtle shifts in the environment before they fully manifest or realise. On the flip side, we are easily captured by a More-ish mind, which reflects in the way that we behave when not tuned in. We often miss things in plain sight — a potential hazard in life.

To sum it up, one type is a functioning Morish-mind-aholic, while the other tends to have bigger problems.

Written by a person who once lived with a complicated psyche, this website is about discovering unconventional insight through an odd perspective and gaining a clearer signal in life from less mental congestion.

But “for what real purpose is all this?” you might ask…

These insights will ultimately enable you to harness and conserve the psychological energy that unlocks life. 🌱