Projecting My Thoughts

Unreal Human Projector

Lights, Camera, ACTION! Or at least, that is always the plan inside my head. Take a step onto the set of my mind’s theatre and watch role after role unfold with all sorts of drama carrying on. Unfortunately, this drama usually delays action in the real world from occurring, instead of helping it along.

📂 Projection Files
  • Simple vs Complex Processing
    • Broaden your understanding of the mind by exploring the two levels of mental projection; simple and complex, and see how simple projection can lead to complex if not properly balanced.
  • Highly Processed Projections
    • Although seemingly harmless at first, discover how addictive thought-produced sensations can become, and how being addicted to these sensations can undermine real-life potential.
  • How to Paint a Projection for Dummies
    • Before moving on to the next topic, take a quick review on the nature of projection, how the process works, and the benefits it brings when kept in proper balance.
  • An Idea: The First System of Thoughts as Potential Direction
    • Bear witness to the dynamic interplay between mind and matter by exploring the mechanics of an idea, and see how both an idea and the reaction to an idea are processes that play out in our day-to-day lives.
  • An Ideal: The Next Formation as I Achieve Warp Drive
    • Uncover the transformative potential of ideas by tracing the formation of an ideal, and see how numerous ideas come together, creating an entity greater than the sum of its parts.
  • A Concept: The Birthing of Something New
    • Unearth an often overlooked legacy by delving into the individual elements that form a concept, and see how every concept has its roots in ideas and events from generations past.
  • Hopelessly Lost in My Own Mind
    • No matter how mentally disciplined you are, see how easy it is to get lost in an endless flow of thoughts resulting from both the internal and external influences of life.
  • Factors That Caused a Split Personality
    • Before you give yourself a clean bill of mental health, explore the mechanics of a split personality, and discover how even the most level-headed person can simply be a well-managed schizophrenic.
  • The Impact of Influence on My Younger Mind
    • To better understand the dangers of the mind, follow the path I travelled in my youth, and see how ignorance and negative influences led me to where I needed to change my ways or be lost forever.
  • Paving the Way to a Turbulent Lifestyle
    • Go deeper still and uncover the nature of the toxic influences that almost ended my life before I even had a chance to begin living life in a real and meaningful way.
  • An Internal Weather Report Warns Me When the Surf’s Up
    • While it might work for the normal mind, see how unlimited sensation, both negative and positive, can be toxic for a sensitive mind, creating the need for increased mental vigilance.