My Innerverse

Growing up, most of us were taught the basics of our solar system and Universe. We learned about all sorts of ‘off the world’ or ‘distant’ processes that affect our physical landscape, such as solar energy, orbits, curvature, gravity, mass and so on. But did you know that the same kind of processes occur within our minds in a sort of ‘internal universe’ that affects our psychological landscape? This stands to reason, as it would be silly to think that the physical world has a universe, but the psychological realm would lack one. Let’s call this internal universe our Innerverse.

The truth is that our Innerverse is constantly being impacted from the Universe, and vice versa. Since light from the Universe enters my Innerverse through any number of mediums and translators (through things and persons), I realised it only made sense to explore this system and discover what it contains. The following page shares some of the insights I have gained, insights that have changed my perspective on life as we know it.

📂 Innerversity Files
  • Understanding Internal Time & Space
    • Physics of the psyche—discover the nature of Time and Space within the Innerverse, and see how deeply these cerebral dimensions affect reality in the outer world.