Taking Back Control

Just when I thought things couldn’t get more backwards (in the bad way), I got caught between two very different realities. I needed to put my broken unreality back together again so that reality would follow suit. But I lacked the tools to make this happen until recently. After creating a mess in my community through the not-so-together reality, it was going to take more than a sob story to fix things up for me.

Years of bad decisions and behaviour led to a very unhealthy and unstable life. It was a regression of sorts that led to me landing at rock bottom. Once I had truly had enough, however, I knew had to get creative and dig deep into another field of perception for help in finding stability and togetherness, and eventually a way back to level ground. To get back to one reality with far less havoc and stronger ties, to seamlessly play a role and leave any scripting up to Nature, I had to make amends with Life by finally listening to what she had to say. And weirdly enough, she said it in an unheard-of way…

📂 Taking Back Control
  • More Odd Challenges…
    • Digging deep for the answers—when seeking help from conventional sources made things worse, see how rather than being lost forever I found strength from a deeper source.
  • A New Take on the ‘Walking’ & ‘Walking Dead’
    • Voices from beyond—discover how my life is influenced by both the living and the departed, and the role disembodied wisdom played in rescuing me from the depths of my despair.
  • Recap From the Top
    • Piecing it together—take a moment to review the two types of mind, along with their different approaches to life and how these aspects affect my personal world.
  • The Taming Power of Ideation
    • The key to control—unpack the dynamics of ideation, and see how by taming this process I am able to control my thoughts and the impact thinking has on my mind.
  • Polarising & Depolarising
    • Finding the long-term solution—discover how tapering down my thoughts provides greater results than simply relying on positively charged thoughts to affect my polarised mind.
  • Power at the Core
    • No rest for the Highly Sensitive—see how even my subconscious can play games with my mind, sending dreams that until only recently would wreak havoc with my hold on reality.
  • System Behaviour Change
    • The Great Silence—discover my System Behaviour Change, and see how by replacing thinking with non-thinking I was able to achieve the peace of mind I craved.