My Wake-Up Call

Alarm clock in the grass.

Life gave me a strange wake-up call between 2010 & 2013 and I haven’t been the same since. This call, which has been hard to put into words, put me on a different trajectory altogether. I tell of a toxic lifestyle, including actual toxins and unheard-of influences, all across this site. And it was from this chaotic point that something deep within my being basically made me question everything to do with both my reality and my unreality, which I used to get mixed up all the time. Luckily, I now have a greater understanding of what I am in the so-called ‘real world’.

In reality, I’m a spark interfaced between the physical world, the unreal world of ideas, and a mysterious quantum computer, which all up is capable of deeply experiencing sensations along with the meaning of things.

I’m a continuation of the big bang housed within a bag of bones which scrolls through a list of thoughts all day long while moving his limbs accordingly (all while intermingling with other sparks, of course). In other words, I’m a walking camera, TV, double-sided magnet, microphone and speaker all rolled into one.

Welcome to the Mindless Network Where You Too Can Tune in for a Reality & Unreality Check!

Here’s another one…

What you see now is a bunch of 1’s & 0’s that came from a Sydney Data Centre which also gets driven by a spark, but of another type originating from a coalmine. When these on/off things stack together in a specific order, the black (along with each colour) makes up the ‘1’ and the white space makes the ‘0’, which allows your brain to decode Mindless v2.0 messages via the photons emitting from your screen.

I’m telling you… As silly as all this sounds, it does help to know reality. Although you will often feel conflicted when seeing reality for what it is, this process does prove to be very beneficial. The discomfort from it makes you stronger by forcing behavioural change into play over the long run. Whereas, when I involve too much unreality by constantly filtering what’s directly in front of me, it means I’m attuned to a level of comfort through illusions while slowly losing my grip on the real world with old ways that never change.

Now that the formalities of my reality are out of the way…

In unreality, where many of us sparks live, I’ll be that little man inside your head who guides you through the transformative world of ‘Lessing’. As we journey along together, I’ll open up these ideas in greater detail, giving you valuable insight into the very essence behind them. Well, at least from the perspective of a Highly Sensitive Mind (the technical name rather than the mix of medical terms).

If you’re open to the idea of thinking along another line, to become Mindless in a good way, then continue on and update your psyche with something completely out of the ordinary.