Updated Version

After exploring the nature of Mindfulness, I adjusted the system to suit my particular cogs. I now react conservatively to my mind’s Mental Health Clinic which gives me greater strength and freedom in the real world. In this section, I share the techniques I now use to reduce the strain of Time and Space on my mind. I also show how the real goal isn’t to eliminate Mindfulness altogether, rather it is to find the perfect blend of being both Mindful and Mindless, where each aspect compliments the other.

📂 Mindful Update Files
  • Updating & Evolving
    • Appreciate the true impact of Lessing by tracing the trajectory of my evolution, from struggling to survive with traditional perspectives to thriving with a new, Mindless way of living.
  • A Homemade Screwdriver
    • Bringing opposites together—see how Mindfulness, in the Mindless sense, is the tool needed to finetune your mental functions, thereby maximising your life potential.
  • The Breakdown
    • Before tackling the next horizon, take a moment to strengthen your understanding of Mindfulness with a summary of the insights and discoveries covered in this section.