What I Feel

Welcome to a Highly-Sensitive Mind perspective on basic human sensations. If I could sum up my existence in one word, I would have to say that word is ‘Awareness’. Being aware in life, even when I’m barely aware, means that I’m being infused with sensations from forces all around me.

All day and every day, I take in sensations from an array of influences at every angle of space. Following on, my brain does its best to filter through and balance the infusion, thereby achieving homeostasis so I’m at my best, so I can act efficiently in the world. However, if my mind can’t get this balance, then you’ll find me swinging between a high and a low while being very disorganised with the way that I behave.

The following pages describe my experiences with the main categories of Top-Level Sensations: Fear & Pain, Pleasure, and Spontaneous Joy. By observing these experiences I uncover the impact Top-Level Sensations have on my life. From pulling me in certain directions, to pushing me away from others, the sensations of fear, pain, and pleasure dictate the direction my life takes each and every day. However, by becoming aware of their impact I have been able to regain control of my life, taking charge of my choices once again.

📂 Top-Level Sensations
  • Fear & Pain
    • The darker recesses—get ready to explore the sensations of fear and pain, learning their true nature as well as how to manage their impact on your life.
  • Pleasure
    • Seeing both sides of the coin—prepare to examine the nature of pleasure, including how too much pleasure can cause the best experiences to become mundane or even toxic.
  • Spontaneous Joy
    • The hidden value of the unexpected—prepare to explore the nature of spontaneity, and discover how spontaneous joy can help you to be more grounded in your day-to-day life.