Super Mind

Throughout this site, the process of transforming your life from mindful to Mindless has been referred to as a journey. And if you have arrived here, having explored the entirety of TML, you might feel as though your journey is complete. Although this is true in one sense, in another sense the journey has only just begun.

While the phase of transformation is complete, the path ahead is one of applying the Mindless philosophy to your daily life. In this section you will discover numerous elements that will make Lessing more tangible, enabling you to take your Mindless Life to the next level. Come explore some of my current lifestyle practices, ones that I discovered along my quest for truth. From dietary choices to wellness habits, you will find numerous inspirations that will help you to transform your life in a truly Mindless way.

Or take a fresh look at some of the current issues facing our world today. Project Bug is a piece that addresses the pandemic from an independent perspective, one free from the doctrines that dominate mainstream media. Additionally, this is a space where you will find fresh content related to living Less in a More-ish world. Finally, this is where you will find pages on how to help support and become a part of this project of bringing Lessing to those who so desperately need it.

Hopefully, no matter where your path leads from here, you will let TML be a part of that journey.