Without any mental discipline, I won’t stop grabbing at the ‘objects’ of my desire which gets overwhelming, and I end up with clouded thoughts after the feel-good chemicals wear off. This distortion turns worse and negatively affects other aspects of my life that require a clear mind. But if one doesn’t have their desires in life, or can’t reach for an object or goal that feels satisfying, what is the point of living?

The bulk of the narrative running in my mind (the story of me and my environment) is driven by things or aspects that are yet to manifest, and I want to turn them into reality. For the ones that do materialise, I become momentarily satisfied before my desires shift towards another set of ideas. But for the ones that don’t realise, they often drain me as I try to get them over the threshold of existence.

Nowadays, I have managed to both recognise and optimise the power that desire has on my thoughts and actions, thereby regaining control of my life. The pages that follow will enable you to do the same, by first helping you to determine the power desire has over you. No matter how strong your desire complex is, you too will be able to free yourself from its grip with the insights shared below.

📂 Desire