Focussing energy

Focussing my attention on specific fields was never a problem until it came to putting it on what my peers and elders had in mind. All that schoolwork, homework, housework, and conventional stuff really sucked! But guess what? I know it doesn’t have to stay that way anymore, even though it’s now this far down the track. Instead, let’s get back to the drawing board and take another shot at understanding the all-important function of focus. Together, we’ll explore the next few pages to get a handle on focus & concentration in a whole new light.

📂 Focus
  • Focus & Concentration
    • The focus paradox—unravel the simple nature of focus, and see how being unfocussed is usually just a matter of steering attention in the wrong direction.
  • The Focus Complex
    • A seemingly unsolvable conundrum—consider the biggest challenge with focus, namely the harder you try to stay focussed, the harder it becomes to avoid and ignore distraction.
  • Positive Reinforcements to the Rescue
    • Running out of resources—recognise how even positive efforts to stay focused end up draining valuable energies, leaving me unable to effectively perform the task at hand.
  • Simple Focus: The Natural Explorer
    • Coming to grips with the crux of the problem—discover how practising Mindlessing, the process of letting go rather than grabbing more, helped to optimise my focus in a whole new way.
  • Today’s Clearer Focus Lens
    • By invitation only—see how by clearing my mind of all chatter, instead of choosing which voices to listen to, I can achieve real and meaningful focus in life.