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What Exactly Is Coronavirus?


If you turn on the TV, listen to the radio, or browse the net, you will find countless discussions, articles, and debates on the pandemic that is redefining our world — namely, coronavirus, or what we commonly refer to as ‘covid’. Although the experts seem to have all the answers, including where the virus started and how to defeat it, the question is just how much do we know? How much of the information being presented is fact, and how much is simply speculation, or worse, baseless myth? Unfortunately, while most people believe that the experts are basing their narrative on rock-solid facts, the truth is that very little is certain about the ‘bug’. So, just what do we know?

Biological Lineage: Coronavirus is a zoonotic disease (bugs jumping from animals to humans) that first emerged in humans in the mid-1960s as ‘Seasonal Coronavirus’, and there are now seven different members of the virus family that affect humans. Seasonal Coronavirus gives us cold-like symptoms and makes up almost 20% of common colds, so there’s an excellent chance we’ve all had it. Prior to human exposure, studies suggest that the majority of natural hosts could be found in various species of birds and bats.

Molecular dating techniques estimate that the ‘youngest’ forms of the virus can be traced back to around 10,000 years ago, with earlier predecessors potentially stretching back much, much further [1]. Of the other members of the coronavirus family in humans, each has different characteristics that relate to upper and lower respiratory infections. Most famous are Sars-1 and Sars-2. SARS-CoV is the most aggressive member that was first detected in 2002, while SARS-Cov2, the most recent addition to the family, is much more transmissible, albeit less fatal.

Mainstream Narrative: Coronavirus originated in a meat market, from the blood of a contaminated bat. [2]

Almost every official source will agree that covid originated in a meat market in China, where ‘exotic’ items such as bat meat are commonly sold. However, does the data actually support this, or is this more myth than fact? The truth is, according to the World Health Organisation itself, while over 80,000 animals were tested, not ONE SINGLE positive result was found.

Despite all their efforts, neither the WHO or other experts have been able to find a shred of evidence linking a non-human host to the outbreak of the pandemic. Needless to say, 80,000 is a staggering number, no matter what angle you look at it from. Still, from a strictly scientific perspective, at what point do you start altering the theory to fit the data, rather than continue looking for data to fit the theory?

Mainstream Narrative: There is no connection between the coronavirus research centre in Wuhan and the pandemic outbreak. [3]

While almost everyone has heard of Wuhan, China because of covid, what most aren’t aware of is the fact that Wuhan is home to a coronavirus research centre. This means that while an army of scientists continues to search in vain for a smoking gun to attribute the virus to, there is a much more plausible explanation, namely that the virus escaped the nearby lab (accidentally or deliberately), and had nothing to do with the exotic meat market. Still, that doesn’t completely eliminate the possibility that the bug could have been created elsewhere, on another continent altogether, and transported to an exposure site that met strict criteria. If I was to add a theory without data, I would at least dig deep and try to uncover any sign of a bigger picture, which might end up looking something like the following:

Alternative theory: Collective karma on our planet may have reached a threshold, opening the door to the reshaping of humanity by very smart humans. In which case, only those pulling the strings will know, leaving the rest of humanity very much in the dark. Nature may have given humanity one last chance to conduct some backburning before she wipes many of us and our downline out with superbugs, which is the number one imminent threat we face due to the rise of resistant bacteria from overusing antibiotics. An upcoming world war isn’t guaranteed in the next two to three decades (revised 2022, hold that thought), but an arsenal of superbugs are as we approach a post-antibiotic era. This imminent threat is perhaps the most probable reason to get the green light for a controlled outbreak as an engineered virus could be our last line of defence, being a villain one day and a hero the next. [4]

Therefore, both with and without data, either human ideals have directly reshaped the world, indirectly shaped the world, or had little to do with the matter (which I highly doubt). We humans were either careless with containment, ignorant with our expansion on animal habitation and the world at large, or very crafty at the top level. Otherwise, a completely random natural phenomenon took place, which seems less and less likely with each passing day.

Mainstream Narrative: There is a real possibility that gain of function research was taking place in the coronavirus research centre in Wuhan, China. Funded, at least in part, by the United States.

Gain of function research is the process of observing how and why organisms gain natural functions. It is also the process of where an organism is genetically altered in an attempt to enhance its natural function. This is a highly valuable practise in medical research, where vaccines and medicines are developed as a result [5, 6]. But it can also have other applications, including but not limited to national defence or military interests. In which case, if there is the potential for something to be built, and all it takes is research and money, if you don’t take the initiative your enemy will build it first and you will be left behind.

There is no way on earth that a superpower will trust another superpower (emerging or otherwise) to fully abide by UN conventions and regulations, especially when each knows how easy it is to circumvent regulators who often impede on their own agendas. That’s way too much risk and exposure. If it can be made, modulated, mutated or cultured in a lab, you need to achieve this first in order to make an antidote to keep the top brass functioning. Otherwise, you and your allies become sitting ducks.

Research and Development in dangerous pathogens is a must for any superpower or world power. It’s just a tough one to sell to the public because of all the emotional upheaval it brings. If gain of function (a very broad term) didn’t occur in the Wuhan lab, there’s a very likely chance it occurred elsewhere. Not only that, but with further distrust and divide in today’s buggy world, you can bet big that everyone has doubled-down or even tripled-down in their efforts to get ahead in the game.

Needless to say, this is an emerging narrative and nothing more. No ‘smoking gun’ has yet to be discovered that proves this theory to be true. That said, it is worth presenting as it offers alternative ideas regarding not only the origins of the pandemic, but the origins of the very research center itself. After all, the goal of this project is to provide questions, not just another pile of answers to choose from.

Running Conclusion

Given the evidence, or lack thereof in the case of any actual animal transmitting this disease, it seems clear that the vicinity in which the pandemic originated is very telling. Were it anywhere else in the world, any number of conclusions could be drawn. But given that the outbreak of covid 19 occurred within arm’s reach of a coronavirus research center, it seems all too likely that man had his hand in this one.

Furthermore, the fact that so many official research agencies are unwilling to entertain the idea of any accidental (or deliberate) exposure from the lab suggests that a clear and obvious attempt is underway to cover up what seems the most reasonable explanation. Therefore, it is this project’s current conclusion that the general narrative of how covid began, and its very nature, is weak.