/ˈbakwədɒlədʒi/: Backwardology is the study of the two types of Backward Mental Momentum. Otherwise known as Level 1 Backwardness and Level 2 Backwardness.

These dynamics can be explained as follows:

Level 1 Backwardness arises when someone lives in a strong magnetic field of thinking.

There is too much spin in my world. Over a lifetime of loading up on various influences, I can’t help but jump from one extreme ideal to the next, also bouncing from pole to pole, all while not moving far in reality (REAL-ality). My quality of life suffers as I try to fit into a system that doesn’t work for me. Therefore I’m convinced I’m moving forward, when in fact, I’m going backwards.

On the other hand…

Level 2 Backwardness helps slow the spin that creates this overbearing psycho-magnetic force, resulting in a steady flow of polarised sensations from my thoughts. Stronger ideas and ideals have a higher chance of forming, realising, and producing wholesome forward movement as Level 2 unveils. By sacrificing something in the short term, usually a stale-pleasure in a lifestyle habit, I gain long-term strength.