Outlining the Differences Between Minds

I consider myself the owner of a Highly Sensitive Mind, but unaware most of my life. The main difference being is that I look and jump deeper into things more so than others. Plus, when coupled with that Double-Virgo stamp it can be extra disastrous if I don’t tone it down.

Zodiac + Rising Sun, and the Moon is only a notch away (in that world of distant influential pixels tweaking my processor).

In other words, I tend to crack thru the surface by nature, but I can also get caught up in all sorts. Therefore, I’m wired to stick my nose into where it probably doesn’t belong!


When holding onto one of these larger processors without discipline, I’m a major handful to the outside world. I’m up and down and all over the place! However, when patching up thru a  small human firmware update  (Mindware/Mindless-Ware), made available by deeper influences, I gain a greater yet simple understanding.

I now thank God that I’m on level ground where I’m only a headache to a minor handful.

My receiver today has tuned in to the broader spectrum of reality that hardly anyone recognises, and I can’t help but float off looking for deeper meaning. I psychologically map out the greater existence by nature.

However, if you lack exposure or don’t hold one of these units, then it’s difficult to comprehend, which is why this site is here. My job now is to simply nosey around in life and speak of the processes, whatever they are.

Oh yeah, and to continue living mindlessly! Nosey Lee

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