What I Have for You

To further grasp this project, I have now set in motion a range of unconventional thoughts backed by logic (most of them) especially built for you — Tis my attempt to blend the Absurd in with the Herd. Also, Mindless-Ware is encoded throughout this site which should activate signals inside your head. But don’t worry, it’s completely safe. By the end, you will likely lose your mind in the best possible way!

Please understand that I’m not interested in painting pictures or spreading ideals to my readers for the usual exchange of promising ‘inflation’ (an inflated idea of peace, success, money, a greater quality of life or life-extension, etc.) in return for energy somewhere along the line. You can find all that idea and ideal making material everywhere else online.

Instead, I can only promise you nothing, as in, understanding ‘no psychological activity’, in the form of ‘less’ if that makes sense.

I’ll help you digest ‘less’ (psychological less in Levels 1 & 2) for ‘more’ (physical more in any currency, even bitcoin…) if you are happy with that? Does that sound like a good investment to you?

Are you interested in understanding nothing for a small cost of giving up or handing over something? Which mind you, there is no obligation to do so.

Here is a glimpse of how I process information in my reality, so that you know what you are in for when going deep-deep:

Reality Specs

When the outside world speaks or presses in, I translate sensation, which creates direction inside an idea for me to move and act one-way or another in life.

Voila… So simple. Unless there are clouds in the way from ‘psychological more’.  The real demanding bastard! 

Wrapping Up the Readme Files

Lastly, the main purpose of this Website or Mindware Update, other than merging and bridging a divided reality along with exploring ‘less’, is to outline a list of invisible specs that I have so far sensed and still the Herd has little interest in or tends to ignore. Yet this information significantly impacts life for a minority, which also has rippling effects on others.

I tell of ‘thoughts’ and ‘understandings’ that have already helped and shaped my life in ways that conventional qualities could never achieve on their own.

Now, I hope you have enjoyed my oddness so far and I assure you… it won’t end here. Please, continue on and start the Mindless-Ware Installation Process below. Get patched with Less asap!

Also, if you know a friend or two who could do with a dose, kindly flick them this link as a favour to us both.

Thank you for your time 🙂


Recycling MarkerThis marker indicates ‘Recycling in Progress’ or ‘Mindlessing Underway’ and is placed above the developing aspects of this ever-expanding website.

Now… get ready for less!

I agree to enter into Deep Mindless Territory knowing that I might not come out the same.

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