Grey-Hat Mind Hacking (Middle Ground)

Greyhat Mindhacking

You’ve probably heard of White Hat Hacking… You’ve probably heard of Black Hat Hacking (each hat comes from the old spaghetti westerns). But now, special code from both the good and bad worlds (up & down, light & dark) is embedded throughout this network to help you lose your pressurised mind in a Level 2 decipher. Let’s call it a very special blend of ideas that brings balance to one’s life when all other methods fail. And it even comes with a catchy sales pitch… 📢

Would you like to access another dimension of thinking that is not your typical black and white?

Are you now ready to turn grey, but in a much more vibrant way? (Let’s make that TWO words in need of flipping!)

Yes?? Greyt! Because grey, or a blend of both worlds, is the way we do things around here. We should all be concerned about that religious black & white area, which we will get into later on… Seriously, breaking free of the generational limitations that were passed down to us can be hard work! But it can also be the key to unlocking the life you both desire and deserve.

By integrating two ends of life’s spectrum, I unwound from the bombardment of information pulsating in today’s crazy world. This undoubtedly put me on a healthier path. ~ Lee

Wait up! Before we go any further, let’s avoid confusion by clarifying the terminology…

Mindware is Software but for a human. Mindless-Ware is also a type of Software or Optimisation Software for a human. Both get mentioned but they are really the same.

By consuming the content on this website, you are installing Mindware. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt you. All you’ll feel are the growing pains that come with healthy growth and development. 💪