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13. Space

A description of space

Do I create Space, expand it and keep it active? Or do I finally learn the nature of Space?


  • Space Definitions
  • Stimulated/Manufactured Space
  • Creating Distance Between My Attention & Problems Using My Feelings & Nerves. Understanding the 2 Regulators:
    • Internal Spacing – My Inhouse Conditioning Creates Space Around Me – Thinking My Problems Away.
    • External Spacing – the Outside Touch Expands My Border With Secure Space.
  • Actual Space – Releasing My Psychological Activity & Explaining the Tricky Tricky Non-Thingy Thing.

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14. The House of ‘Me’

The House Of Me

Why do I act so differently between people?

  • The ME Masquerade Party
  • The Introductory Me Processing My Behaviour When Meeting the New. \Me\Intro\.
  • My Hidden Attribute Exporting My Behaviour underground. \Me\Hidden\.
  • A Non-Me Me A Higher Godlike Version Blaming ‘Me’. I’m Nothing Like Me! Sound Familiar? \Me\Non-Me\.
  • Hidden Variant: The Ugly-Me An Inferior Me as the Offcuts. \Me\Inferior\ Access Denied! Cannot Move Folder to Trash.

15. The Meta World

Question Mark

Beyond the physical medium…

  • Meta The Less Visible Attribute
  • Metadata Building Relationships Thru a Technological Medium
  • Metaphysics My Invisible Roots

16. Q & A on Meditation

Meditation Image

Can I live a lifestyle of awareness or do I need to retreat from the clutter into space on a moment by moment basis? Full Time vs Part Time Meditating

  • My Range of Meditation

(Later) 17. Advanced Mindlessing

Advanced Coming Soon

Now that we’ve engaged the core, let’s expand on ‘less’

  • The Next Next Level
  • The I-AM COMPLEX. Ending My Identification Into Ideas
  • The SOMEBODY COMPLEX. A Supercharged & Full-Time Interior Decorator.
  • A Deeper Look Into the Against-Force Inside the COUNTERCULTURE. The Anti-Ego Ideal & My Aggressive Desire for Change.

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