Welcome to the New & Improved
Mindless Philosophy

Hot Air Balloon Mind

When a mind becomes too much, feed it less by understanding the nature of Less. This is life in another perspective from an odd-mind who dived deep down the rabbit hole and only made it back by using a new Backward way of thinking:

Use Your Mind ❌

Lose Your Mind ✅

Still confused? Don’t worry… Once we get past the conventional take on ‘the mind’, which isn’t always easy because we are usually ingrained along this line of a mind being something to control, the choice to ‘lose your mind’ should magically appear better. ✨ My breakthrough came when I accepted the mission Life had reserved for me.

Priority No.1

Mission Objective:

Don’t aim forwards anymore, Lee. Go Backwards in a new way and take this crazy word with you! Flip ‘Mindless’ into something STRONG — Starting deep in the red. 

Chess Challenge
I know what a ‘mind’ is cos I feel it! ?

Challenge Accepted.

From this point on, a vortex between the two worlds of light and dark (along with sane and crazy) opened and strengthened. It marked the very beginning of Mindware or Mental Coding to start serious development in one’s mind.