Instant Meditation

Whether it is a dark, warm, and cosy space, or a bright and colourful rainforest that helps with the transition from a heavy experience to a light one, it doesn’t matter. It’s whatever takes my mind off the clock that turns into my holy saviour, my meditation. Being mindful is to counter my heavier thinking through a regular program or ritual to help bring balance into my life, regardless of how temporary that change of state might be.

Within each successful mental transition, I convert stress by rerouting pressure from one part of my mind to another, awakening the positives that were incubating behind the scenes thru a three-stage habit:

The Mindful Three-Stage Process
  1. From a pushy demand to escape an undesirable situation, I head straight to the memory bank with the aim of finding something desirable enough to recapture my attention.
  2. I subtly suppress my undesirable thoughts by refining and inflating past positive imagery, thereby utilising ‘positive imagination’ at a greater capacity.
  3. I’m rewarded with Mindfulness as my attention has calmed my nervous system. I’m in a nicer frame of mind, albeit temporarily.

To reiterate the end of step 3, I can’t say that I would blow my fire out entirely. In reality, things inevitably came back to bite once the rewards wore off, as this version of Mindfulness came with a bigger price tag. The more I engaged in thought control, the more I paid for it in the end. It became apparent that this whole time I was Mindfooling myself through a type of hypnosis. I would augment my psychology as a way to deal with any resistance from life.

From anxiety I would find my way to serenity, keeping my space alive and well for a short while. Or at least, until reality surfaced soon after my last drop of desirable fuel. Which it always did when the value from my thoughts dried up and I’d lose my trancelike state.

So, after profoundly seeing this process, it became clear that it would now be in my very best interest to reduce or optimise this cycle. Thus, I deal with my mental fluctuations lightly and efficiently between fragments, or the main contrasting states of my mind, instead of always diving head-first into Mindfulness as per usual in the old way of mass-imagination handed down.

I now manage my psychological cause and effect at the deeper layer and with minimal effort. I no longer swing hard on the positives at the start of each cycle.