Shedding A New Light Across the Board

Prepare to travel beyond the comfortable, conventional lines of thinking as you place your attention on an odd person’s patterns and habits, ones that were mostly ignored throughout his life until very recently. Also, along this strange journey that might take you deep within yourself, you’ll likely see the broader scope of reality that spans across the two types of people that walk this planet.

The first type, which comprises 90% of people, are the general folk, those running on a standard mindset. While the second type, comprising the other 10%, are the highly sensitive folk, those possessing an ability to tap into fields of hidden information.

You can be assured that by the time you reach the end of this site you will have unravelled the nature of positive thinking and internal time & space (aka our Innerverse) from an odd but solid perspective.

But for what purpose is all this? you might ask…

These thoughts ultimately lead to the conservation of psychological energy which unlocks life. ?