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I live in South-East Queensland, near the most eastern point in Australia. My region is home to the highest vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian population rate per capita when including Northern NSW. From around the Byron Bay area to the Sunshine Coast is where you’ll find those who are more sensitive to what goes in their body. That said, it was a struggle to get the same sort of vaccination numbers as elsewhere in the country.

Not only do we have ample spacing and a good mix of people, but we live in a low-toxic, clean environment with a very warm climate, especially when compared to Sydney and Melbourne down south. This makes the place an absolute hotspot for goodness, not bugginess. There’s no room for that here as previous cases have always fizzled out (a late 2021 perspective). And I haven’t even mentioned our gorgeous national parks, lush waterfalls, reserves, valleys, islands and headlands that make the region that extra bit special and natural. There are so many things to do, places to see and memories to make. If you ever get the chance to visit Australia, it’s a must to put Queensland at the top of your list.

With pressure coming from everywhere to reopen QLD state borders, our isolation ended but in a risky way. Unfortunately, our government reopened the borders to vaccinated folks only in mid-December, and people came over in droves, absolutely devasting the entire state with the virus in a very short amount of time, with covid even tearing through masks like a fart through undies. In fact, you couldn’t have had the virus spread any faster than it did. You could clearly tell it was becoming harder for politicians and the so-called health experts to speak in line with the hard facts coming to light.

Truth is, by segregating those unvaxxed healthier people, who could have acted as a solid buffer between the riffraff, this threw our nice balance out of whack and heads really need to roll for it. Ask yourself… Who would you rather be surrounded by? Vaxxed riffraff (people who don’t care about diet) or unvaxxed healthier folks? I know what my choice is. Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way. I caught covid at a superspreader event full of vaccinated people as unvaccinated folks were barred from entry, and I simply lied my way into a place with thousands of them around me. I wasn’t in my right mind at the time (not referring to the lying part). On the plus side, I feel as though I’m ‘one and done’ in terms of my chances of being reinfected by having full-spectrum natural immunity versus suppressed natural immunity caused by the vaccine. By sacrificing short-term lowering of symptoms and virulence, I gained long-term strength and durability by staying unvaccinated.

You can ask any local about how Queensland got hit so hard with covid, and you’ll hear the same thing. The Wuhan strain jabbed folks (a jab that doesn’t even fully cover the original strain properly, let alone numerous evolved variants since) brought disease across the border. In fact, 400,000 border passes were issued in the first ten days of the border reopening, and some of those continue to live on the Gold Coast today. Before this, GC had a population of roughly 650,000 (QLD is roughly five million strong).

Also, we locals are going to have to put up with their heavy-city ways contaminating our lighter-region healthier lifestyle, especially with their manic driving and impatient attitude towards everyday things. It’s nothing against my southern friends who I love visiting, but an inundation of highly strung people has already had an effect on us.

Watching the Narrative Unravel

I suppose I should have led with some background first. Because of covid lockdowns and strict measures in NSW and Victoria (since 2020), many people got frustrated and planned to move to QLD once the border was reopened. They neglected to see the most probable reasons why we had such good success, and simply jumped on the bandwagon to our promised land but without the thought of adapting to our healthier ways. In fact, a good number of them actually purchased or developed properties from home, which is great for the QLD economy, but not-so-great culturally for when too many of them arrive. Our roads and infrastructure have already become stressed, particularly the bottlenecks along the M1 Motorway, which obviously has rippling effects on timetables and people’s mental health.

And here’s some more lunacy for you. During daily covid updates provided by state government, things were clearly not adding up with the death toll between the two different groups of vaccinated and unvaccinated people. Within the same briefing were reports being made that a majority of deaths overnight were vaccinated people. Not in these burning words, of course, as there was clever wording involved to justify the undesirable fact and soften the overall blow. Often, justification came in the form of simply complicating the data by jumping back and forth between numbers and statistics as mustering up complication means that one should simply accept what the experts are saying.

Not only that, but within the same five or ten minutes later was another report claiming that unvaccinated people were 10, 20 or even 30 times more likely to end up hospitalised. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to be hospitalised from covid than to end up dying from covid, so this didn’t make sense to me at all without elaboration. Given the high vaccination rates for QLD, and even on a bad day with a 50/50 death rate split, that still doesn’t justify a tenfold increase in unvaccinated hospitalisation as they claimed. Unless, however, the unvaccinated group had a way better chance of recovery. Keep in mind this is all about the Omicron variant which has a very good ability to escape vaccinated immunity.

My personal experience has led me to the conclusion that I don’t care about covid anymore. Neither do I care about all the upcoming variants and new outbreaks of smallpox, bigpox, monkey box or donkey pox, shingles or any other illness probably due to the rippling effect of mass vaccination that has spawned Aids 2.0 into existence today, along with many heart problems I’m hearing about. I just stay with simple facts and minimize my risk of disease as I only care about diet and wellbeing. ‘Stay Exposed!’ is the way to go and beat reinfection. Why worry about reinfection when you can just stay infected, but with resilience? Just throw it all to me, so I can be done with it!

Australia Has Good Numbers

In terms of deaths and percentage rates, we’ve done so well through the pandemic. But why?

  • We are naturally isolated, surrounded by huge oceans.
  • We are sparsely populated. There are twenty-six million of us across an entire continent slightly smaller than the United States.
  • Australia ranks second place along with Sweeden for having the cleanest air in the world.
  • We have very good hygiene standards.
  • We are a rich country mostly thanks to iron ore and coal.
  • We have a strong health care system, ranking as high as sixth in the world.
  • We had strict covid policies in place, which were very controversial as they have hurt many small businesses and employees.
  • We had strict border control measures in place, which were controversial as they have hurt many small businesses, employees, border communities, travellers and so on.
  • We have strong food safety standards.
  • We have strong antibiotic regulations on livestock. Although we import around 700 tons each year, of which almost two-thirds go towards food-producing animals, Australia ranks high in the world for restricting certain types and classes. [1]

Asking the Hard Questions

I sometimes can’t help myself and end up drifting off into conspiratorial thinking. Although I’m much better at it these days because I don’t let my emotions take over. The following questions and answers are tough to think about but they have to get asked when looking deeply into things:

What is one of the biggest, yet quietest problems being faced by humanity today? Other than overpopulation, it is the emergence of ‘resistant bacteria’ from overusing antibiotics.

What or where are the two main spreaders of resistant bacteria? Animal agriculture and hospitals.

What did the majority of dead covid-19 victims have in common? They had pre-existing conditions, in which environmental factors most likely played a good role. A study in early 2021 showed that two-thirds of covid hospitalisations came down to four conditions; obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and heart failure, in that order. [2]

What is a very common factor attributed to any negative condition? Long term diets high in cheap animal products. Either contamination passes on or stressed/complicated food creates a problem for people down the track.

What could help future generations with the world’s resistant bacteria problems? An existential threat always calls for greater measures, defence and overall action. In which case, neutralising those with pre-existing conditions who would otherwise spend the rest of their lives in and out of hospitals, continuing the same diet, and compounding the same problem could be Nature’s solution. Hospitals + regular animal agriculture exposure could be a case of ‘two birds and one stone’ to deal with the most pressing issues facing humanity today. At the very least, the consequences may act as a wake-up call to those who will listen.

Do those who recover from covid-19 become more resilient to, or able to somewhat break down resistant bacteria? If so, this could be a ‘just cause’ for military medical science to deliberately infect the population with a virus that might help circumvent or delay an impending post-antibiotic era that could send us back to the dark ages.

A New World Healthy Order

Once the experts all agree on a strong link between diet and covid, I believe there will be a fundamental change across the board, especially with all the emerging variants and other diseases now hitting the scene. At least across the first world board there will be some sort of overhaul. All the science is pointing this way, but the experts themselves are still heavily tied up in cheap animal products and the traditional idea of ‘healthy’. They’re still trying to find a way for people to have their cake and eat it too by ignoring important data. However, once all avenues are exhausted and the link between diet and disease is fully discerned, next come the metrics by regular medical testing.

If/When it does happen, here’s what the foreseeable future could entail: Not only will there be a covid vaccine exemption for those who pass regular health tests, but there will be rewards involved. So much so that the vaccinated bunch may wind up being frowned upon.

Let’s see what certification could look like under a New World Healthy Order:

My Health File

A-Level Certification: Unvaccinated/Top Health Status

A+ Certified Healthy

  • This Individual has met the highest standard of health requirements by medical testing and does NOT require vaccination.
  • Vegan
  • Bi-annually Tested.
  • First Class Immunity – No requirement for mask-wearing during community outbreaks of a virus Level 3 or below.
  • 10% Discount off all goods and services.
  • Priority and First Class subsidised upgraded bookings in Hotels, Flights, Amusement and Entertainment.
  • Jump to the start of the line in Restaurants, Taxis and Public Services.

A Certified Healthy

  • This Individual has met a high standard of health requirement by medical testing and does NOT require vaccination.
  • Vegetarian.
  • Annually Tested.
  • Mask required during community outbreaks of a virus.
  • 5% Discount off all goods and services.
  • Jump to the start of the line in Public Services.

B-Level Certification: Vaccinated/Medium Health Status

B+ Certified Healthy

  • This Individual has met a medium standard of health requirement by medical testing and DOES require vaccination.
  • Animal-based diet.
  • Bi-annually tested.
  • This individual has received the most recent vaccination or booster medication.
  • Mask required during community outbreaks of a virus.
  • No community movement restrictions apply.

B Certified Healthy

  • This Individual has met a medium standard of health requirement by medical testing and DOES require vaccination.
  • Animal-based diet.
  • Annually tested.
  • This individual has received the most recent vaccination or booster medication.
  • Mask required during community outbreaks of a virus.
  • No community movement restrictions apply.

C-Level Certification: Unvaccinated/Medical Exempt

C Certified Healthy Exempt

  • This individual does not require the latest vaccination medication.
  • This individual has complicated underlying issues and does not require standard medical testing.
  • Mask required during community outbreaks of a virus.
  • No community movement restrictions apply.

D-Level Certification: Unvaccinated/Poor Health Status

D Certified Healthy

  • This Individual has met a poor standard of health requirement by medical testing and DOES require vaccination. Or; This Individual has not undergone medical testing in the last 12 months.
  • High-risk diet.
  • This individual remains unvaccinated.
  • This individual has not received the most recent vaccination or booster medication.
  • Mask required during covid community exposure.
  • ‘Essentials Only’ community movement restrictions apply.
  • 60 hours of community service per year.

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