Run Mindless.Idea

The Installer below provides a simplified solution for understanding the role of Mindless or Mindlessing. Get patched the unconventional way with See/++ Programming.

Mindless-Ware.Idea Simplified Installer

Humanware Download

(1) Begin Downloading Unconventional Ideas

Server: # Unpack Mindless v2.0 Setup Files

(2) Update the Current Definition of a Mind

Current Definition: A mental processor that requires constant use and control to run efficiently.

Run the Update: Observe beyond the personal narrative, especially when greater pressures are detected and trigger emotion. Be open to reclassification of the word ‘mind’.

New Definition: A mental processor that requires space and balance to run efficiently.

More often than not when the word ‘mind’ arises in my world it is because of resistance and not attraction. — Mindware Developer.

Open Psycho File

(3) Mindless-Ware is Now Installed in Your Psyche

Begin 24/7 Minimal Background Process: Watch for any increase in internal pressures and emotional processes, and further observe the responses.

In other words, if my thinking = heavy, then I observe myself deeply. Also, I see any attempt to stabilise my thoughts, rather than stabilise them unwittingly, thereby not overcompensating as a result (bouncing back and forth between the up and down ideas).

(4) Optimise My Psychological Activity With Space

Psychological Inaction: Ending, closing, or powering down a thought process. The ability to detect and defuse cumbersome ideas.

This is my most recent highly valued ability. I’m finally equipped to let go of things that no longer serve my best interests by adding a gap between my thoughts. Psychological energy is conserved from ending any centre-stage ideas, including the bulk of my stabilising ideas.

(5) ‘Being Mindful’ Component Is Also Updated

Upon higher mental pressures that won’t release, I engage in a controlled stabilisation. I no longer wildly stabilise my state of mind with the obsolete Mindful way.

Now that the Mindless software is downloaded and installed, I stabilise my pressurised system with cleaner code inside a stronger idea. Less conscious stabilisation optimises my psyche in the long run. Or, there is now less effort used to fix myself, which has greater longer-lasting effects.

Congratulations! Your System is Now Updated.

Like what you’ve installed on your psyche so far? Are you enjoying Mindless 2.0 Philosophy? With your help, we can turn the world Mindless one mind at a time.