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Becoming Better

There’s a simple fact about ‘me’. The REAL or COMPLETE me is contained in the full spectrum of who I am, which includes all my flaws. In the case of ‘becoming better’ and flawless, this is not ‘me’. This ‘other me’ is a make-believe me or counterfeit version of me that tries to align with reality.

My Combined Nature & Overall Conditioning Is Me.

After years of observing, I have come to realise that ‘becoming better’ is an opposite in an ideal, and it will always require greater effort to maintain a behaviour that matches a picture-perfect image. Unfortunately, after a short while, I can’t help but relax back into my imperfect, non-better skin and let the hair down like everyone does. Which, I only allow a few of you to see.

So was I, like many others, to keep internalising my not-so-better ¾ part by keeping it to myself only? Was I to continue this 25% effort-charged better part/charade for the camera while another 75% stayed unbetter, behind the scenes?

Also, was I basing my ‘idea of better’ off of a dynamic collective image in a fast-changing environment that I was to conform to in order to gain everyone’s approval?

In other words, was I constantly trying to meet an expectation from a culture or subculture by continually refining myself, bending and turning with the tide around me? Or a perceived tide that wasn’t altogether real, let alone in line with what I thought was best for me?

And, once I had conformed, which I do automatically when psychologically investing in anything (in this case, in ‘becoming better’), how am I to handle or dispose of the unworthy byproducts that are bound to occur? These are the confronting questions I still ask myself as I try to stay grounded in the real me.

I found that when I restrict certain behaviours from expressing because I’m near someone or a group of people who only know me one way, then this means that I am divided. And believe me, I’m still divided into several realities today. Though I’m less divided than I used to be (a few is ok, perhaps even necessary), thanks to the new Backward equation opening up another dimension.

Now Here’s the Thing…

The fact is, I have been trying to fix myself for a long time by becoming better from the ideas handed down by everyone (the ideal hand-me-downs). Unaware of all the hidden processes tying things up in the background, I naturally met resistance. Therefore I was bound to hit a tipping point sooner or later.

And then, guess what?

My attitude to concede then went on to lay the foundation to NEVER AGAIN CARE about becoming better anymore because it was all a bunch of unnecessary weight. Which, consequently and thankfully, opened up even more space and gave room for my cluttered-psyche to slow the heck down for once.

You see, I actually didn’t need any more of anyTHING to improve myself. Again, if anything, I needed Less. But I needed a stronger quality of ‘Less’ that is only found in another dimension, by not thinking my way there if that makes proper sense.
Besides, in simple terms, what does becoming better mean?

• Is it an increase in productivity while decreasing my destructive traits?
• Is it a matter of organising and taming my social and cultural behaviour, so that I nourish my relationships?
• Or, is it all of the above plus creating more compassion in my life? To have extra care for everyone and everything?

Sure, I would love all these qualities. Who on Earth wouldn’t? But my only success so far in getting anywhere close to this outcome is by unwinding from heavier steps taken, not finding better ones to replace them with.

Who would have thought that I only needed to knock the ‘becoming’ well out of ‘becoming better’ to be left with a stronger ‘better’ quality? Voila!

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Great Work. You’ve strengthened your psyche and have entered into the start of the Level 2 way! Otherwise, if you encountered any problems, run the installer Mindless.Idea for a more simplified solution before moving on.

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Wow! You’ve made it this far thru a very different type of network. Well done! See, the new meaning wasn’t so hard to unravel after all. However, this part was only the beginning, and there is much more to come.

Next, we’ll head into the Mindfulling Realm. Let’s update this traditional component to gain even more strength.