Story Aftermath

/ˈstɔːri ˈɑːftəmaθ/: The long-lasting effects of a story that create either uncertainty or a sense of vulnerability. This can occur from a story that triggers deep-seated fears, causing one’s survival instincts to kick in.

When a story doesn’t end properly or is left outstanding with an element of the unknown, which in this case translates into immense fear, I stay waiting for a resolution. My mind instinctively thinks on and on in distaste, causing unusual levels of biochemical and neurochemical activity from over-scanning every aspect of life. As a result, I continuously try to find order among the chaos no matter how long it takes, because that is the demand of my disrupted system taking a story far too seriously. In a worst-case scenario, this can lead to years of frustration and anxiety, affecting my life in a very negative way.

Fortunately, Story Aftermath isn’t always negative in nature and can have a long-lasting positive effect, providing years of comfort from a well-told story that instils hope and strength.

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